Mill Park murder suspect bolts, is captured

Week 65 Shooting Report | Two were wounded by gunfire, and dozens of ‘Shots Fired’ calls came in throughout outer East Portland, keeping law enforcement officers busy. Look, and see if they were in your area …

On October 1, Portland Police Bureau teams were called to the Mill Park neighborhood to investigate a gunshot homicide. Read on, and learn how the murder suspect was captured six days after the killing.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

After a man was shot dead in the area of the Calico Place Townhouse Condominiums, in the Mill Park neighborhood, early in the day on October 1, members of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST), Homicide Division detectives, and Forensics Division investigators arrived.

The 500 block of SE 128th Avenue, south of Stark Street was filled with police vehicles, in the aftermath of the homicide, as reported in East Portland News last week.

-2 At the crime scene, investigators indicate a point of interest.

PPB Homicide Division detectives gathered evidence, and followed leads, to get a lead on who murdered this man – 41-year-old Joshua Newell. Family-provided photo

In our story last week, we updated it by naming 41-year-old Joshua Newell as the victim who, the Oregon State Medical Examiner said, had determined to have died from a gunshot wound and ruled his death a homicide.

“During the investigation, PPB Homicide Detectives developed information about a suspect in the murder, 42-year-old Matthew A. Clement of Portland, and they distributed the information to patrol officers,” revealed PPB Public Information Officer Derek Carmon.

“On Thursday, October 7, 2021, at 11:14 a.m., two PPB East Precinct officers were in the area of SE Woodstock Boulevard and 84th Avenue, when they saw Clement driving a black BMW,” Carmon reported. “They initiated a traffic stop, but Clement drove off at a high rate of speed.”

Suspect’s 12-mile wild drive
Hoping to make a getaway, Clement headed east along Woodstock Boulevard through Lents Town Center, and then took a southbound I-205 freeway onramp, with Portland Police officers in pursuit. Officers reported Clement’s direction of travel to their dispatchers, who contacted their counterparts in the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

From that point, CCSO units joined the pursuit, as Clement passed through the Lents neighborhood, passed the Sunnyside Road and Milwaukie Freeway exits, and eventually exited on Clackamas Road.

CCSO deputies and PPB officers finally stop the car, driven by the suspect. PPB provided image

The 12-mile pursuit came to an end when CCSO deputies stopped the car near SE Clackamas Road and Bevington Avenue in Clackamas County, at which point Clement was arrested.

He was transferred to PPB Homicide Detectives, interviewed, and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) on October 7 at 10:45 p.m. – on charges of Murder in the First Degree, Robbery in the First Degree, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Attempt to Elude, Reckless Driving, and a parole violation.

Facing multiple charges is 42-year-old Matthew A. Clement. MCDC booking photo

At his arraignment, Clement learned his combined bail would total $267,500; but he’s being held on the no-bail Felony Murder and Parole Violation charges, behind bars in the MCDC.

“PPB is grateful for the assistance of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office,” Officer Carmon said.

Police investigate two ‘walk-in’ gunshot wound cases

Police again are called to investigate “walk-in” gunshot-wound victims in a hospital in the Hazelwood neighborhood.

On September 30, a gunshot wound victim arrived at the Adventist Medical Center (AMC) Emergency Department. As required by law, the medical staff contacted police and reported it at 2:47 a.m.

“Other than that the ECST in investigating, there is no information available regarding where the shooting occurred,” Officer Carmon told East Portland News.

Then, on October 7, the AMC Emergency Department received another such case; at 3:05 a.m. “This was also a walk-in gunshot wound,” Carmon commented. “The evidence in this call suggests the person shot himself, and a gun was recovered from the car he came in.”

During the past week, several were wounded – some severely – in shootings in Gresham, North Portland, and near Lloyd Center.

Shot Fired Log

Day and night, PPB officers, and members of the ECST, are dispatched to investigate, when neighbors call the 9-1-1 Center to report having heard gunfire.

Here’s the listing of “Shots Fired” incidents to which PPB officers were called last week. Upon investigation, not all of these incidents were found to be actual shooting incidents.

September 29
21-272317       09/29/2021 19:53:28   7400 Block of SE HAROLD ST

September 30
21-272498       09/30/2021 00:23:29   3600 Block of SE 73RD AVE
21-272528       09/30/2021 01:14:26   100 Block of SE 133RD AVE
21-272566       09/30/2021 02:37:08   00 Block of SE 127TH AVE
21-272618       09/30/2021 06:09:16   15500 Block of NE GLISAN ST
21-273371       09/30/2021 19:24:36   16000 Block of SE DIVISION ST
21-273387       09/30/2021 19:44:58   17500 Block of NE MARINE DR
21-273418       09/30/2021 20:31:28   2700 Block of SE 141ST AVE
21-273448       09/30/2021 21:01:32   4100 Block of NE 130TH PL

October 1
21-273597       10/01/2021 01:23:35   13800 Block of NE FAILING ST
21-274035       10/01/2021 14:26:07   13700 Block of SE LINCOLN ST
21-274392       10/01/2021 22:36:28   5400 Block of NE 112TH AVE

October 2
21-274486       10/02/2021 00:13:42   14000 Block of SE MADISON ST
21-274495       10/02/2021 00:22:32   NE 81ST AVE / NE CLACKAMAS ST
21-274578       10/02/2021 02:05:13   15800 Block of NE GLISAN ST
21-274608       10/02/2021 02:52:16   NE FREMONT ST / NE 119TH AVE
21-274653       10/02/2021 04:19:05   SE 76TH AVE / SE TAYLOR ST
21-275341       10/02/2021 19:57:38   10700 Block of NE KNOTT ST
21-275353       10/02/2021 20:10:01   NE 122ND AVE / NE FREMONT ST
21-275459       10/02/2021 22:37:19   NE 162ND AVE / NE FREMONT ST
21-275462       10/02/2021 22:39:57   SE 82ND AVE / SE OAK ST
21-275481       10/02/2021 23:02:10   SE 132ND AVE / SE POWELL BLVD
21-275483       10/02/2021 23:05:39   NE 152ND AVE / NE SANDY BLVD
21-275454       10/02/2021 23:21:31   1700 Block of SE 160TH AVE

October 3
21-050082       10/03/2021 01:22:52   SE 174TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD
21-275587       10/03/2021 01:22:52   10800 Block of NE SANDY BLVD
21-041912       10/03/2021 01:26:40   17400 Block of SE STARK ST
21-275613       10/03/2021 02:14:03   SE 121ST AVE / SE GRANT ST
21-041915       10/03/2021 02:38:05   200 Block of SE 176TH PL
21-275640       10/03/2021 02:58:23   12100 Block of SE BUSH ST
21-275670       10/03/2021 03:47:55   10300 Block of SE HOLGATE BLVD
21-276420       10/03/2021 21:53:33   NE 84TH AVE / NE RUSSELL ST
21-276425       10/03/2021 21:56:40   800 Block of NE 110TH AVE
21-276491       10/03/2021 23:23:20   SE 96TH AVE / SE CORA ST
21-276490       10/03/2021 23:23:42   7500 Block of SE HENRY ST

October 4
21-276610       10/04/2021 02:28:49   7500 Block of SE HENRY ST
21-276640       10/04/2021 03:23:08   5300 Block of SE 62ND AVE
21-042147       10/04/2021 20:26:06   16100 Block of NE WASCO CT

October 5
21-277585       10/05/2021 00:14:49   100 Block of SE 133RD AVE
21-278623       10/05/2021 22:30:04   2700 Block of SE 138TH AVE
21-278636       10/05/2021 22:47:09   12100 Block of SE HAROLD ST

October 6
21-278852       10/06/2021 06:23:38   SE 119TH AVE / SE ASH ST
21-279277       10/06/2021 13:54:55   8900 Block of SE WOODSTOCK BLVD
21-279344       10/06/2021 14:46:43   14700 Block of SE DIVISION ST
21-279622       10/06/2021 21:12:55   3300 Block of NE 84TH AVE
21-279731       10/06/2021 23:37:14   12000 Block of SE PINE ST
21-279734       10/06/2021 23:44:09   SE MALDEN DR / SE TENINO DR

October 7
21-279736       10/07/2021 00:04:09   NE 151ST AVE / NE GLISAN ST
21-279836       10/07/2021 03:22:55   11700 Block of SE PINE ST

If you’ve been taking notice, that’s a lot of shooting reports!

East Portland News will continue to keep you up to date on the score in this “war”, taking place every day, on our neighborhood streets.

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