Midway merchants hold festive Holiday meeting

Here’s why members and guests of the Midway Business Association got together – in person – for the Holidays. And, find out what the upcoming year holds for this outer East Portland business group …

Members and guests of the Midway Business Association Neighborhood Business District get together to celebrate the Holidays, and work on ways to improve business in the southern area of outer East Portland.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Due to the pandemic, it’s been quite some time since members of the Midway Business Association (MBA) Neighborhood Business District met in person – as they did Sunday evening. December 12.

In fact, their last such gathering – which had also been hosted at the Dayton family’s Pizza Baron restaurant – was held over two years earlier, on December 10, 2019. >> CLICK HERE to read about that gathering.

Starting the meeting is MBA President Crista Gortmaker.

“2021 had definitely been an interesting year, for sure,” remarked current MBA President Crista Gortmaker, who is also Operations Manager of Relay Resources.

“Although the MBA serves a unique neighborhood without a lot of ‘downtown draw’ or big businesses that attract crowds and tourism, the fact that the MBA is still functioning and still moving with an active Board of Directors is really exciting,” Gortmaker told East Portland News.

“This shows that there are still energetic volunteers who are willing to help promote small businesses in our district,” Gortmaker continued. “In the process of working to get back former members, and reaching out to potential members, we’re learning how we can engage them, and support their businesses – with training, resources, and visibility in the neighborhoods.”

Fresh hot Pizza Baron pies add to the festivity of the gathering.

Networking is always an important part of Midway Business Association meetings.

The 15 people in attendance were treated to slices of Pizza Baron pies, and sweet treats for dessert, as well as beverages. Attendees took the opportunity to renew acquaintances, and make new friends in the business community.

Looking forward to 2022, Gortmaker pointed out, “We’ve just launched our MBA website; with this year we’ll be working to bring traffic to the website. And, we’ll be continuing to engage members, to get together, and to increase membership.

“We want to go ‘door-to-door’ to see if there are businesses within our district that we can help,” Gortmaker said.

Door prizes? You bet! Here, long-standing MBA Board Member Lorelei Young of Keepsake Family Tree Video presents a gift to Aaron Diamond of  Aaron Diamond Photography.

Although she has a professionally-challenging full-time job, Gortmaker said it is important to her to give time to the MBA. “Helping to ‘build community’ is what really matters to me. In order for us to be a community, we need to have business involvement; and the only way we’re going to pass some of these challenges and hurdles is by working together, as a community, to keep moving forward.”

For more information about the Midway Business Association, see their shiny new, official website: CLICK HERE.

On our Front Page: Showing off a branded MBA shopping bag is incoming MBA District Manager Rich Reese of Venture Portland.

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