Midway businesspeople hold Holiday fête

See how members and guests of the outer East Portland business association began celebrating their Holiday Season …

Folks gather in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood at Pizza Baron, as the annual Midway Business Association Holiday Party gets underway.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

After holding some of their meetings at other locations within their Neighborhood Business District, the Midway Business Association (MBA) returned to Pizza Baron, just south of Division on 122nd, for their annual Holiday gathering at noon on December 10.

Some 18 members and guests filtered in, as “Baron” Bill Dayton brought out a salad and a pizza buffet that included a giant “Baron’s Bonanza” pizza.

MBA members and guests serve themselves at the pizza buffet set out by Pizza Baron.

Hosting the meeting was the interim MBA President Dr. David Day, DC, a chiropractor in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood. “Actually, it’s Dr. David Andrew Day, sir!” he said in jest, clearly in a bubbly Holiday mood.

“The MBA has been in a year of reorganization,” Day summarized for East Portland News.

Interim MBA president Dr. David Day DC shows off the organization’s new graphic identification logo.

“We have a lot of things happening, including having completed a ‘branding project’ that included coming up with a new graphic identity – that’s important, because the ‘Midway area’ is not so much identified by a singular location or feature – It is truly a Neighborhood Business District’, midway between Portland and Gresham,” Day pointed out.

“This logo represents neighborhood blocks divided by city streets; because we represent the area from Interstate 205 east to Gresham; and from Stark Street south to Foster Road – one of the largest area in the city,” he elaborated.

Sharing the successes of their year is David Day.

“The MBA again has a fully functional website, is working on preparing a business map of the district, and creating a new ‘Midway Thriving’ public event for summer of 2020,” informed Day. “Small business managers and owners appreciate the work of the MBA, because it allows us to work cooperatively to improve the district, to hear speakers who inform us, and together, to have our voice heard downtown at Portland City Hall!”

Michelle Gilmore, Senior Program Manager with Smart Reading (formally known as Start Making A Reader Today) shows off her raffle prize, a gift card from the Midway Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. “We’re always looking for volunteers to do one-on-one and kids; contact me at Michelle@smartreading.org.

Learn more about the Midway Business Association by visiting their new-and-improved website: CLICK HERE.

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