Midway business people work to bring art to the business district

Meet two of the outer East Portland artists who were at the last Midway Business Association meeting, and find out about their Annual Meeting planned for January 25 …

In the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood, the Midway Business Association holds their monthly meeting at Arte Soleil.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

On December 13, members and guests of the Midway Business Association (MBA) Neighborhood Business District met in the cozy studios of Arte Soleil.

Before they delved into the meeting’s topic, “Arts in Midway”, guests helped them selves to a light refreshments and snacks, and introduced themselves to one another.

The special guests were artist Hampton Rodriguez of Bohio Studio and Watercolorist Nancy Tingley of Shooting Star Design.

Meet the artists

Showing one the Loteria game sets he created and is marketing, and one of his fine art works, is artist Hampton Rodriguez.

At the gathering, Hampton Rodriguez said that his art includes being a painting animator, creating collage and mixed media artwork.

“Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I was profoundly influenced by the intellectual pursuits of the contemporary abstract art movement in my country,” the artist informed.

“After exhibiting my work in Spain and Belgium, I arrived in Oregon in March 2002. Since then, I became a different artist,” he added.

Ready for sale are Rodriguez’s Oregon Loteria game sets.

Rodriguez said that the topics of his art has shifted to “capture the idiosyncratic culture of Portland’s diverse neighborhoods, the cadence of people’s lives there.”

Additionally, Rodriguez has created two Loteria games, with art he’s created based on scenes from Oregon – and, he’s working on others.

Talking about her art is outer East Portland artist Nancy Tingley.

Watercolorist Nancy Tingley told the group that she’s always been interested in painting and drawing. “I enjoy working with my hands to create a visual image with whatever medium and on whatever surface best fits the finished piece.”

Guests look at one of Nancy Tingley’s works of art.

In addition to watercolors, she also works with acrylics or oils on wood, metal, canvas, paper or walls.

“However, watercolors have a special ongoing interest for me because of the versatility of the medium,” explained Tingley.

MBA’s year in review
“While the MBA’s mission continues to creating and doing projects, events, and bringing in assistance to help our businesses thrive, we are looking at new ways to do this, and thus the theme of this evening’s meeting,” said outgoing MBA President Lorelei Young of Family Tree Keepsake Video after the meeting.

“Part of our goal is the concept we call ‘Lighting up Midway’ – which means doing projects that bring people into our district by being very welcoming with murals, enhanced landscaping, banners, window lighting, and special events,” explained Young.

MBA President Lorelei Young encourages business people in the are to become members for the mutual benefit of their community.

“Our district has been very dynamic, with business people retiring; and, at the same time, new restaurants, businesses, and resources have been moving in,” she added.

“We have been receiving grants from City of Portland, Venture Portland, PBOT and more to funding for projects has been great,” Young continued. “These projects do take people to coordinate, share jobs, keep us on track and so forth. So, we really need more members to help us with creative projects,” she added.

Join the MBA
If you have a business – be it retail, service, hospitality or a home-based business – in the mid-south neighborhoods of outer East Portland, you’re invited to join the Midway Business Association.

They’re offering a free first year membership to business people just for attending some of their meetings. Benefits include a basic listing on their website and inclusion in community events and cooperative marketing efforts.

January 25:
Midway Business Association Annual Supper Meeting
Find out more about the MBA by attending their Annual Supper Meeting on January 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The supper and meeting is FREE. If you are interested in finding out what it takes to become part of this organization, send them an e-mail with your contact information.

Please RSVP to midwayba@gmail.com so they can plan for the number of guests to serve at this special dinner.

This event takes place at Yuan Su Vegetarian, 11140 SE Powell Boulevard, 97266. To learn more about the MBA, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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