Mayor pitches loaves & fishes at Sellwood market

Potter was photographed doing what? Take a look …

Portland Mayor Tom Potter pitches the Sellwood family, Teri, Sam and Sofia Laos, about helping Loaves & Fishes Centers.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
Many shoppers did a double-take at the door of the Sellwood New Seasons Market, a couple of weeks ago, when they saw Portland Mayor Tom Potter greeting citizens.

“I’m here letting people know about Loaves & Fishes, a great organization,” said Potter, attired in a New Seasons apron. “Loaves & Fishes do a good job of making sure our elderly shut-in people have a good meal every day. I’m here tonight asking people, ‘When you’re buying your groceries, would you please buy a little extra for a senior?'”

Even with his busy schedule, Potter said he takes time to deliver Loaves & Fishes meals. “They’re always looking for volunteer drivers. It is a really good program, and it takes very little time. But, it does a very important service in our community.”

Whether you are considering being a volunteer at the CherryWood Center at the East Portland Community Center, or the Thelma Skelton Loaves & Fishes Center in Brooklyn – or at one of the thirty other centers – you can find out more on the Internet at:

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