Many join Lents neighbors cleaning the I-205 Path

Discover the purpose of this outer East Portland clean-up, taking place again along the Lents I-205 Multi-use Pathway, and learn who came to help …

-1 This area, in the yard behind the Wattles Boys & Girls Club near Lents Town Center, was the staging point from which many organizations spread out to clean the Lents I-205 Multi-use Pathway. So where are the volunteers? They’re out working along the path!

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

A number of organizations joined Lents Neighborhood Association (LNA) volunteers for an outdoor cleanup on Saturday morning, May 15.

“The purpose of this is to improve the safety, sanitation, and beautification of the Lents I-205 Multi-use Pathway, and areas of SE 92nd Avenue,” explained LNA Chair Sabina Urdes.

At the cleanup, Street Roots Ambassador Gary Baker spends a moment with Portland Fire & Rescue Portland Street Response Coordinator Tremaine Clayton, and Community Health Workers/Case Manager Heather Middleton.

“This is intended to clear litter and debris from the path area, and provide trash-removal service to our houseless neighbors along this pathway,” was how Urdes announced the effort in an email.

Volunteers from the LNA and Four Forces Inc. – in partnership with Street Roots, Wall of Vets PDX, Portland Street Response, PDX Saints, and Matzah Bloc –came out in force to clean the area of refuse – and, as Urdes put it, “Support of the needs of our houseless neighbors.”

LNA Secretary Morgin Carpenter spends a moment with PDX Saintly Love Founder/Human Advocate Kristle Delihanty.

“Starting in 2017, we’ve been serving those along the I-205 corridor, from SE Crystal Springs Boulevard north to Division Street,” PDX Saintly Love Founder/Human Advocate Kristle Delihanty told East Portland News.

“We bring hot food, clothing, supplies, and ‘harm reduction kits’ to people living along the corridor; we also offer both recovery and traditional housing, as well as master mentorships and financial sponsorships,” Delihanty invormed.

Some of the volunteer coordination and project support came from SOLVE, whose website showed that 44 people had signed up for event. The starting point was at the Wattles Boys & Girls Club, along SE Harold Street, just east of 92nd Avenue.

Volunteers from Wall of Vets PDX pause for a group photo, in their cleaning up a segment of the I-205 Multipurpose Path near SE Powell Boulevard.

Some volunteers started off from the rallying point along the I-205 Multipurpose Path; others started near Powell Boulevard, and worked their way south.

Volunteers picked bags full of trash, and along the way helped many of outer East Portland’s unhoused, who reside along the path.

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