Man murdered in Powellhurst-Gilbert leads this week’s shooting report

Week #84 Shooting Report | Shooting injury and death continue in outer East Portland this week; Four shootings leave one person dead, and three injured. This, in addition to scores of other shootings – including a big one, at a now-familiar night spot …

Major shooting events this week in Powellhurst-Gilbert, Hazelwood, and Wilkes neighborhoods continue to bring Portland Police Bureau officers out to investigate.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Again this week, another person died a violent death by the firing of a gun.

Additionally, three individuals were wounded in other shootings. Members of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) are doing their best to reduce this murderous violence, in spite of little visible support from Portland’s elected leaders.

Man dies in Powellhurst-Gilbert shooting

Officers close done SE Powell Boulevard as a shooting investigation, early on Valentine’s Day.

Gunshots again shattered the stillness of the night in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood, just after the clock struck midnight to begin Valentine’s Day.

PPB East Precinct officers were dispatched to SE Powell Boulevard, at the intersection of 124th Avenue, at exactly 12:01 a.m. that morning, to look into a reported shooting.

It wasn’t a false alarm.

Officers found a man who’d been shot, and they gave emergency medical aid to the man until medical personnel arrived. “The victim was transported to an area hospital where he later died,” a PPB official stated.

Throughout the night, PPB Homicide Division detectives and officers investigated this, the most recent outer East Portland murder.

This man, Andre Charles Ethel, died after being shot along SE Powell Boulevard. Family provided photo

Later that day, officials identified 39-year-old Andre Charles Ethel as the victim.  The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office determined the manner and cause of death to be homicide by gunshot wound.

If you have information about this case, contact Detective Brian Sims at |503-823-2079; or. Detective Tony Merrill at |503-823-4033. Please refer to Case No. 22-41687 when you contact them.

Three more shootings; three more wounded

Walking wounded, in Hazelwood
February 12 at 3:28 a.m.

Near the TriMet MAX Light Rail line along East Burnside Street, officers contact a man who was shot, and wounded.

Along East Burnside Street, officers came across a shooting victim near NE 148th Avenue in the early hours of February 12 at 3:28 a.m.

“A caller to the 9-1-1 Center said that 45 minutes earlier, a suspect had walked up to him and shot him,” reported PPB Public Information Officer Lt. Nathan Sheppard.

“Although he had an apparent gunshot wound, the victim said that he decided to walk home before calling police,” Lt. Sheppard remarked. He added that the had person decided to be taken to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for injuries that are believed to be non-life-threatening.

“Officers are still trying to confirm the crime scene location,” Lt. Sheppard said. This is shooting Case No. 22-40107.

Shooting victim shows up at Hazelwood hospital
February 14 at 2:55 a.m.

In the middle of the night, a shooting victim arrives, by private vehicle, at the Adventist Medical Center Emergency Department, seeking treatment.

Officers were dispatched to the Emergency Department at Adventist Medical Center after a shooting victim came in for help. As is required by law, medical personnel called the police to report that a victim of a violent crime had arrived there.

But, as in many such cases, the victim wasn’t willing to share any information about where he was shot, or who did the shooting. The Case No. is 22-41770.

February 15 at 3:46 p.m.
Drive-by shooting in Wilkes injures a person

Officers close off streets in the Wilkes neighborhood as the investigation into an afternoon, drive-by shooting gets underway.

In this case, officers were called to NE Halsey Street at 148th Avenue to look into a shooting there, on the border between the Wilkes Community Group and Hazelwood neighborhoods.

“Officers found an individual who had been shot several times,” Lt. Sheppard confirmed to East Portland News after looking up the case. That victim was treated by Portland Fire & Rescue paramedics, then taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

“Officers located, then secured, the crime scene,” Lt. Sheppard said. “During their investigation, officers found indications that an individual had shot at the victim from a vehicle, then drove off.”

The PPB’s Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) then investigated the shooting. As of this time, no suspects have been taken into custody. This is Case No. 22-43348.

Help solve these crimes by emailing any information about these cases to; please put “ECST” in the “Subject” line and include the Case Number.

Dozens of shots fired, yet again, at Mt. Scott-Arleta night club

Again in the parking lot of this night club in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood, people with guns fired lots of bullets.

This incident stands out above all the others listed in this week’s “Shots Fired Log”.

A block west of the Lents neighborhood, as has happened repeatedly, a gunfight erupted outside the  “Shimmers Gentleman’s Club”, at 8000 SE Foster Road, just before closing time on February 12.

In one of the previous incidents, a man was shot dead there on December 19.

“This may not affect our other Mt. Scott-Arleta neighbors, but this club seems to be a magnet for gunfights,” heatedly remarked a resident of SE Harold Street, just south of the lounge’s parking lot, who asked to not to be identified. “Shootings, gunfights, murders – I don’t know why the [OLCC] licensing officials allow this bar to stay open.”

According to a PPB sergeant, East Precinct officers were dispatched to “Shots Fired” call there at 1:55 a.m. that morning.

Dozens of spent bullet casings are found at the scene of this shooting.

What they found astonished even some of the seasoned responding officers: 49 (forty-nine) spent bullet shell casings, and six vehicles were peppered with bullet holes. Apparently, however, there were no injuries.

After district officers secured the area, members of the PPB’s ECST arrived to investigate the shooting.

If you can provide information about this shooting, please reference Case No. 22-40053 when you email tips to; please put “ECST” in the “Subject” line.


This week, 43 “Shots Fired” calls were dispatched in our area. Officers are sent to investigate each incident. Not all shooting reports result in officers finding any evidence of shooting.

Incident No.   Date           Time         Location__________________

February 8
22-36985         02/08/2022 22:40:54   SE 136TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD
22-37033         02/08/2022 23:55:58   SE 122ND AVE / SE DIVISION ST

February 9
22-37044         02/09/2022 00:16:46   3700 Block of NE 73RD AVE

22-37078         02/09/2022 01:33:24   9700 Block of SE STARK ST
22-37106         02/09/2022 02:42:05   2700 Block of SE 120TH AVE
22-37884         02/09/2022 20:12:56   SE 77TH AVE / SE HAROLD ST
22-37900         02/09/2022 20:36:42   6300 Block of SE HAROLD ST

February 10
22-38069         02/10/2022 01:16:26   3200 Block of SE 124TH AVE

22-38106         02/10/2022 03:05:44   4900 Block of NE 82ND AVE
22-38817         02/10/2022 19:46:14   NE 147TH AVE / NE COUCH ST
22-38915         02/10/2022 22:02:28   SE 135TH AVE / SE MILL ST

February 11
22-39032         02/11/2022 01:24:08   NE 147TH AVE / E BURNSIDE ST

22-39886         02/11/2022 22:17:39   2900 Block of NE 117TH AVE
22-39906         02/11/2022 22:36:44   17800 Block of NE MARINE DR

February 12
22-40025         02/12/2022 01:08:19   NE 100TH AVE / E BURNSIDE ST

22-40053         02/12/2022 01:55:02   SE RAMONA ST / SE 80TH AVE
22-40085         02/12/2022 02:48:08   1100 Block of SE STARK ST
22-40128         02/12/2022 04:34:50   SE 128TH AVE / SE HAROLD ST
22-40788         02/12/2022 22:24:26   4500 Block of SE 121ST AVE
22-05472         02/12/2022 23:12:45   1100 Block of NE 161ST AVE
22-40854         02/12/2022 23:34:55   9600 Block of SE ELLIS ST

February 13
22-40939         02/13/2022 01:53:55   2300 Block of SE 143RD AVE

22-40950         02/13/2022 03:02:17   12200 Block of SE STARK ST
22-40979         02/13/2022 03:12:27   1600 Block of NE 162ND AVE
22-41073         02/13/2022 06:27:04   1700 Block of NE 157TH AVE
22-41097         02/13/2022 07:56:01   SE 122ND AVE / SE ASH ST
22-41502         02/13/2022 19:31:57   7200 Block of SE TENINO ST
22-41509         02/13/2022 19:44:11   SE 122ND AVE / E BURNSIDE ST
22-41655         02/13/2022 23:16:36   5400 Block of NE 112TH AVE
22-41666         02/13/2022 23:32:30   10000 Block of SE PARDEE ST

February 14
22-41751         02/14/2022 02:26:46   11200 Block of SE DIVISION ST

22-41762         02/14/2022 02:45:30   SE 112TH AVE / SE DIVISION ST
22-42303         02/14/2022 15:03:04   100 Block of SE 126TH AVE

February 15
22-42696         02/15/2022 00:48:19   200 Block of NE 141ST AVE

22-43443         02/15/2022 17:32:21   NE 148TH AVE / NE HALSEY ST
22-05849         02/15/2022 17:38:06   1100 Block of NE 162ND AVE
22-06842         02/15/2022 22:18:48   5000 Block of SE JENNE RD
22-43627         02/15/2022 22:36:16   NE ALTON CT / NE 145TH AVE
22-43663         02/15/2022 23:20:01   4700 Block of NE 111TH AVE
22-43670         02/15/2022 23:34:30   2700 Block of SE 103RD AVE

February 16
22-43606         02/16/2022 02:01:56   7400 Block of SE 82ND AVE

22-43995         02/16/2022 10:00:24   11800 Block of SE LIEBE ST
22-44000         02/16/2022 10:07:45   300 Block of NE 122ND AVE

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Next week, we’ll catch up on the progress made by the PPB’s new Focused Intervention Team. Despite restrictions imposed on them, actually are taking illegally-held firearms off of our streets.

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