Man in stolen car shoots at officer – he was arrested

Week #91 Shooting Report | There were no gunshot deaths in outer East Portland this week, but lots of shooting incidents …

Portland Police Bureau Focused Intervention Team officers work, day and night, looking into shooting after shooting in Wilkes, Pleasant Valley, Lents and Hazelwood this week.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The unexpected and unprecedented winter storm that swept through our area starting April 11 shut down almost everything — except for shooting crimes, which continued, albeit at a reduced level.

While bloodshed and shooting deaths took place in other areas, outer East Portland neighborhoods were mostly spared such tragedy this week.

April 11
Shooting death in Eliot neighborhood

Less than five miles west of outer East Portland, officers looking what turns out to be a deadly shooting.

For example, on the day of the history-making snowfall, Monday, April 11, at 10:09 p.m., officers from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) North Precinct were dispatched to a report of a shooting near N. Cook Street and Gantenbein Avenue, in the Eliot neighborhood.

Having taken place 4.4 miles from outer East Portland, this gunshot murder may seem to be a world away from our neighborhoods – but it’s actually a shorter distance than driving from Leach Botanical Garden to Parkrose High School.

When officers arrived, they found an adult male, suffering from a gunshot wound, who was taken to a local hospital – where he died. ‘Not in my neighborhood’ this time, but tragic just the same. By the way this is Case No. 22-96746.

April 12
Deputies pursue armed robbers into Wilkes

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office deputies are joined by officers from the Gresham and Portland police departments, after an armed robbery in Troutdale ends up in the Wilkes neighborhood. MCSO photo

This incident started at the Columbia Gorge Outlets mall in Troutdale, but it ended in the Wilkes Community Group neighborhood.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) deputies, dispatched on April 12 at 3:58 p.m. to a store in the mall, learned that after a robbery the bandits pointed a firearm at security personnel. Deputies located the suspect vehicle, a tan Mercedes sedan – and it wouldn’t stop for deputies.

The Mercedes headed west on I-84, where a sheriff’s deputy successfully deployed spike strips, deflating at least one tire. The car veered off and exited the freeway at the NE 238th Drive exit, and kept on going.

Deputies find this bullet hole in the grill of a MCSO vehicle. MCSO photo

Shots fired at deputies
Still westbound – now, on NE Sandy Boulevard – someone in the Mercedes opened fire on the pursuing deputies. The gunfire struck at least one patrol vehicle.

“Despite having been shot at, deputies did not return gunfire,” reported MCSO Communications Director Chris Liedle.

Leaving Gresham and heading into Portland, still on NE Sandy Boulevard, the getaway car collided with another vehicle, just west of NE 162nd Avenue. Deputies took two suspects into custody without incident. A third suspect, an adult female, ran into a wooded area. That person was described as a white female, last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and grey pants. She wasn’t located after an extensive, hours-long search of the area.

“At the scene, deputies recovered a firearm near the suspect’s vehicle,” Liedle informed.

There’s no booking photo available for suspected armed robber 48-year-old Jonathan M. Wright. Why not? CLICK HERE to discover the reason.

One of armed robbery suspects arrested was 48-year-old Jonathan M. Wright. He was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) on April 13 at 12:46 p.m. on charges of Attempted Murder in the First Degree; Robbery in the First Degree; and Felony Elude with a Vehicle – all Felony crimes. Wright is currently lodged in the MCDC in lieu of $505,000 combined bail.

31-year-old Kayla Rae Davis was also arrested and booked into the MCDC on April 13 at 4:04 a.m. on two Felony charges: Robbery in the First Degree, and Felony Elude with a Vehicle. In lieu of $255,000 in combined bail, Davis is also remains lodged in the MCDC.

If you have any information about the woman who gave officers the slip, call the police non-emergency line at 503-823-3333, or the MCSO Tip Line at 503-988-0560, and refer to Case No. 22-15330.

April 13
Man, in stolen van, shoots at officers on Foster Road

During this shooting investigation in Pleasant Valley, SE Foster Road is closed between SE 111th Avenue and 122nd avenues.

What started out as a “Stolen Vehicle Recovery” call in the 11300 block of SE Foster Road on April 13 at 1:38 p.m., ended when a suspect who shot at PPB East Precinct officers there, was taken into custody.

Officers often locate stolen vehicles in this section of a thoroughfare some call “Camper Row”, alongside the Foster Road Floodplain area. In fact, another stolen car was recovered there the day before, about eight blocks west of this location. [Incident No. 22-97392]

Between the camping vehicles at the curb of SE Foster Road, and the boundary of the Foster Road Floodplain area, officers stand guard while a suspect is taken into custody.

It began when PPB East Precinct officers were checking on a reportedly stolen vehicle, a white Ford van.

However, officers found that the reported-stolen van had people in it, and tried to contact the occupants. One man got out and tried to run away. “As officers tried to physically detain him, he resisted officers and fired a shot,” a PPB spokesperson said.

Behind these officers and police vehicles, the top of the reportedly stolen van, involved in this incident, is visible.

Fortunately none of the officers who arrived as backup were hit, and no one was injured. Officers were able to get the suspect into custody, and seized a semiautomatic handgun as evidence.
It didn’t take long for 28 officers to arrive in support; among them were Homicide Unit detectives.

32-year-old Jordan Mycal Phillips [No Booking Photo Available] was booked into the MCDC on April 14 at 2:53 a.m. on charges of three Felonies – Attempted Murder in the First Degree, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, and Felon in Possession of a Firearm – and the Misdemeanor of Resisting Arrest.

Detectives use the PPB Mobile Command Center, parked in the middle of SE Foster Road, as their office during this investigation.

He is also being held in jail on a parole violation detainer. At his arraignment Phillips learned that he’s being charged with two (2) counts of Attempted Murder in the First Degree and being held without bail, in addition to his other charges.

For unknown reasons, a judge dismissed the Resisting Arrest charge against Phillips. This is Case No. 22-98124.

Many shootings across the city
There were seven (7) “Shooting-with Weapon” calls outside Outer East Portland this week – each one sending at least one wounded person to a hospital. Most were west of the Willamette River; additionally, another one was in Gresham.

Here are three documented cases of injury-resulting shootings in our neighborhoods.

April 8
Shooting injures homeless man at camp in Powellhurst-Gilbert

A shooting in a homeless area brings officers into the encampment.

On April 8 at 10:43 a.m., officers were called to a homeless encampment in the 9700 block of SE Powell Boulevard – just east of the Interstate 205 freeway. “At that location, there was a confrontation between two adult men,” Public Information Officer Sergeant Kevin Allen told East Portland News.

“One man fired a gun into the other’s tent, but no one was injured,” Sgt. Allen reported. “When the victim confronted him and pushed the gun away, it fired and injured his hand.”

The victim was treated at the scene by paramedics; but the suspect left the area before officers arrived. This case remains under investigation; it is Case No. 22-93538.

April 11
Shooting in Hazelwood injures one person

Little has been made available about this shooting, other than that a shooting victim was taken to a local hospital on April 11, and officers were dispatched at 1:23 p.m. to SE 122nd Avenue, near the Midland Regional Library. This is Case No. 22-96473.

April 11
Shooting victim taken to Hazelwood hospital

East Precinct officers were sent to Adventist Medical Center on April 11 at 6:33 p.m. A shooting victim had been brought into the Emergency Department there; and, as required by law, medical personal had contacted law enforcement dispatchers to report the incident. The victim was reportedly uncooperative with police. This is Case No. 22-96628.

>> If you can provide any information about these shooting incidents, or any of the ‘Shots Fired” calls, please email them to, and include the Case Number. Or, submit a tip, remain totally anonymous, and get a cash reward of up to $2,500 through Crime Stoppers at their website: CLICK HERE.


In sunshine and rain, officers are called to investigate ‘Shots Fired’ incidents across our area.

In spite of deep snow, hail and deluges, we recorded 32 ‘Shots Fired’ calls to which officers responded. Evidence of shooting is not found at all such calls.

April 6
22-91320         04/06/2022 07:23:09   SE 128TH AVE / SE RAMONA ST

22-91340         04/06/2022 07:56:18   9500 Block of NE SANDY BLVD
22-91982         04/06/2022 19:38:00   SE 72ND AVE / SE POWELL BLVD
22-91993         04/06/2022 19:48:12   17800 Block of NE RIVERSIDE PKWY
22-92022         04/06/2022 20:19:59   15900 Block of E BURNSIDE ST
22-92025         04/06/2022 20:21:36   NE 126TH AVE / NE ROSE PKWY
22-92028         04/06/2022 20:26:06   1700 Block of NE 157TH AVE

April 7
22-92266         04/07/2022 02:40:59   7300 Block of SE 103RD AVE

22-93045         04/07/2022 20:25:59   3200 Block of NE 158TH AVE

April 8
22-93410         04/08/2022 07:30:42   SE 119TH AVE / SE DIVISION ST

22-94012         04/08/2022 22:00:43   11000 Block of SE MAIN ST
22-94100         04/08/2022 23:59:27   8300 Block of SE HARNEY ST
22-94098         04/09/2022 00:14:48   3500 Block of SE 130TH AVE

April 9
22-94138         04/09/2022 00:27:58   SE 11TH AVE / SE DIVISION ST

22-94165         04/09/2022 01:03:09   4600 Block of NE 116TH AVE
22-94863         04/09/2022 19:07:41   NE 102ND AVE / NE HALSEY ST
22-94876         04/09/2022 19:23:55   11100 Block of NE SCHUYLER ST

April 10
22-95081         04/10/2022 00:45:45   3100 Block of NE ROCKY BUTTE LN

22-95128         04/10/2022 01:57:41   NE 131ST PL / NE PRESCOTT DR
22-95181         04/10/2022 03:55:21   1300 Block of SE 88TH AVE
22-95221         04/10/2022 05:25:24   2800 Block of SE 174TH AVE
22-95828         04/10/2022 20:45:59   300 Block of SE 87TH AVE
22-95836         04/10/2022 21:00:43   NE PRESCOTT ST / NE 102ND AVE
22-95888         04/10/2022 22:10:30   NE 92ND AVE / NE THOMPSON ST

April 11
22-96583         04/11/2022 17:17:36   NE 162ND AVE / E BURNSIDE ST

22-96662         04/11/2022 19:31:30   8000 Block of SE MORRISON ST
22-96784         04/11/2022 23:15:58   00 Block of NE RUSSELL ST

April 12
22-96879         04/12/2022 02:37:05   6000 Block of NE 112TH AVE

22-96943         04/12/2022 06:47:56   12300 Block of SE ASH ST
22-97379         04/12/2022 15:13:22   4000 Block of SE 97TH AVE
22-97492         04/12/2022 18:23:32   16100 Block of SE DIVISION ST

April 13
22-97795         04/13/2022 04:11:05   5500 Block of SE 72ND AVE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As long as the shooting continues, East Portland News will be reporting them.

We are still hoping that violence, committed by all weapons – especially guns – will cease, or at least, decrease, as no doubt, are you.

>> On our Front Page: Image courtesy of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

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