Man dead, from gunshot in Lents

Week #97 Shooting Report | TWO VIDEOS | Lents neighbors say they’re concerned after this odd and deadly shooting. Learn about other shootings this week; and see our ‘Shots Fired Log’ …

Again this week, Portland Police Bureau officers, investigators, and detectives are dispatched to shootings; and one of them in outer East Portland was deadly.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

One person deceased, several wounded, and a lot of ‘Shots Fired’ calls – that sums up the Week #97 Shooting Report.

Officers and specialty team members of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) – including district officers, and those in the Focused Intervention Team (FIT) and Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) units – continue to investigate and work to reduce the number of shootings.

Some may recall that this dramatic uptick in gunshot incidents began 97 weeks ago, when the Portland Commissioner of Police, Mayor Ted Wheeler, eliminated the PPB’s Gun Violence Reduction Team and Portland City Council pressed him to “de-fund police”.

Man dies after Lents neighborhood shooting

Police block off SE 99th Avenue at Ramona Street in Lents, as they investigate an unusual shooting.

After a shooting in the Lents neighborhood, on Sunday afternoon, May 22, a sense of uneasiness has continued to linger for those who reside in area as it is not entirely clear what took place that caused a man to die from a gunshot wound.

From assembling information that we were able to obtain, including from authorities, what follows is what we believe took place.

Watch real-life “crime scene investigators” from the PPB’s Forensics Division document the scene of this shooting crime:

It appears that two men were together, outside a house near SE 99th and Ramona Street, talking, but not arguing or fighting, when a handgun went off. One man fell to the ground, wounded, clutching his midsection. The other person had a gun in his hand.

No ambulance responded; police arrived some time after the gunshot. There was a commotion in the house, and there are reports of screaming and shrieking inside. It’s likely the wounded man was put into a white SUV shortly after the shot, which then sped off.

A member of the PPB Forensics Division takes photos to document the crime scene.

The 9-1-1 Center logged a dispatch of PPB East Precinct officers to a “Shooting-with Weapon” at 2:35 p.m., to the 5800 block of SE 99th Avenue — specifically the residence at the corner of SE 99th Avenue and Ramona Street. SE 99th Avenue was closed off between Ramona and Knight Streets; and also Ramona Street was closed from SE 97th Avenue to 101st Avenue.

Eventually, 16 PPB units gathered at the location, including PPB FIT officers, detectives, and Forensic Division workers, all of whom used the Mobile Command Center as their outpost.

As seen from the intersection outside the police boundary, red tape marks off an area of interest in the crime scene.

“When officers arrived, they learned the victim had been taken to a fire station by a private party, where he was then transported by ambulance to an area hospital,” a PPB official noted in a press release that revealed, “The man later died at the hospital.”
The Portland Police Homicide Unit has responded to investigate. If you have information about this incident, please contact Detective Brian Sims at 503-823-2079 or Detective Meghan Burkeen at 503-823-2092. This is Case No. 22-135412.

Shooting victim wounded in Centennial store parking lot

There was no robbery in this store, police say – but a person was shot and wounded in the parking lot.

Not often does a daytime shooting take place in the parking lot of a well-used retail store. But, such was the case on May 25 at Everyday Deals Grocery Liquidators on SE Stark Street, just east of 146th Avenue.

Late that afternoon, at 5:25 p.m., PPB East Precinct officers were dispatched to the location on this “Shooting-with-Weapon” call. It wasn’t long until 9 police units were there, including investigators from the PPB’s ECST.

Detectives and investigators gather information about this daytime injury shooting.

Numerous yellow evidence markers, indicating where a spent bullet casing landed, were scattered not far from the store’s entrance. Employees were gathered at the far south side of the parking lot, and were being interviewed by officials.

Outside the parking lot, officers canvassed the neighborhood along SE 146th Avenue, south of Stark Street, talking with neighbors.

Watch, as this shooting crime is investigated:

“Officers who responded the shooting found one individual who had been hit by gunfire,” PPB Public Information Officer Lt. Nathan Sheppard told East Portland News.

“Officers applied a tourniquet and the victim, who was transported to the hospital with what appeared to be a non-life-threatening wound,” Lt. Sheppard added, after checking the records. “There are no indications this was a robbery.”

Being careful where they stand, these sergeants stand among a field of evidence markers in the parking lot.

The case is under investigation. If you can help solve this crime by providing information, this is Case No. 22-138816.

Another shooting this week

An ambulance stands by, ready to take someone wounded near a homeless encampment to a local hospital.

Official information is not yet available about this shooting incident, other than medical emergency first-responders arrived in response to the call.

May 19 at 6:44 p.m.
Shooting in Hazelwood
This took place about two blocks east of the I-205 Freeway off NE Glisan Street along 99th Avenue. It’s Case No. 22-132773.

If you are an eyewitness, or have video evidence that can help investigators with any shooting case, email them contact and be sure to include the Case No. Or, tips can be sent to Crime Stoppers of Oregon, and perhaps receive cash rewards of up to $2,500.


This PPB FIT investigator retrieves equipment with which to document a shooting.

There were 35 “Shots Fired” calls logged this week, up from 28 dispatches last week. May 21 was a busy night for officers outside of our area; they were sent to 16 “Shots Fired” calls that evening. At many such calls, officers find no evidence of shooting.

May 17
22-130852       05/17/2022 @ 22:29:15          12800 Block of SE STARK ST

22-130900       05/17/2022 @ 23:32:58          12600 Block of E BURNSIDE ST
22-130714       05/17/2022 @ 19:39:39          8700 Block of NE GLISAN ST

May 18
22-131879       05/18/2022 @ 21:13:53          SE 136TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD

May 19
22-132038       05/19/2022 @ 00:30:28          1600 Block of NE 152ND PL

22-132101       05/19/2022 @ 02:21:25          7500 Block of SE HENRY ST
22-132180       05/19/2022 @ 05:03:48          NE MARINE DR / NE 185TH DR
22-132614       05/19/2022 @ 15:07:29          16000 Block of SE KELLY ST
22-132695       05/19/2022 @ 17:13:54          00 Block of NE 102ND AVE
22-132788       05/19/2022 @ 19:03:13          SE 72ND AVE/WOODSTOCK BLVD
22-132882       05/19/2022 @ 21:28:53          8700 Block of SE FLAVEL ST
22-132890       05/19/2022 @ 21:37:07          3400 Block of NE 158TH AVE

May 20
22-133017       05/20/2022 @ 00:51:46          7700 Block of SE 82ND AVE

22-133053       05/20/2022 @ 01:58:46          14700 Block of SE RHONE ST
22-133923       05/20/2022 @ 22:09:17          100 Block of NE 147TH AVE

May 21
22-134192       05/21/2022 @ 03:57:52          2400 Block of SE 135TH AVE

22-134419       05/21/2022 @ 11:46:41          2200 Block of SE 170TH AVE
22-134688       05/21/2022 @ 18:48:18          8300 Block of NE BRAZEE ST
22-134765       05/21/2022 @ 20:34:16          8800 Block of SE FLAVEL ST
22-134901       05/21/2022 @ 23:19:41          7200 Block of N MARINE DR

May 22
22-135666       05/22/2022 @ 19:54:06          2700 Block of SE 141ST AVE

22-135854       05/22/2022 @ 22:44:53          8300 Block of SE BROOKLYN ST
22-135940       05/22/2022 @ 23:52:02          NE 112TH AVE / NE HALSEY ST

May 23
22-136460       05/23/2022 @ 13:58:12          14100 Block of SE HOLGATE BLVD

22-136714       05/23/2022 @ 19:28:01          15200 Block of SE DIVISION ST
22-136856       05/23/2022 @ 21:51:28          12000 Block of SE FOSTER RD
22-136928       05/23/2022 @ 23:12:54          13000 Block of SE LONG ST

May 24
22-137284       05/24/2022 @ 10:09:40          7700 Block of SE 92ND AVE

22-137983       05/24/2022 @ 23:26:42          SE 96TH DR / SE DIVISION ST

May 25
22-138089       05/25/2022 @ 01:58:30          SE 52ND AVE/WOODSTOCK BLVD

22-138099       05/25/2022 @ 02:17:03          7800 Block of SE 82ND AVE
22-138122       05/25/2022 @ 03:00:11          SE KNAPP ST / SE MT SCOTT BLVD
22-138163       05/25/2022 @ 04:38:18          15300 Block of SE STARK ST
22-138185       05/25/2022 @ 05:30:55          NE 118TH AVE / NE SANDY BLVD
22-138745       05/25/2022 @ 16:06:23          SE 136TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD

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While we grow weary of covering incidents involving violent people using guns to commit criminal acts, we’re optimistic because the PPB officers who remain vigilantly on duty have never “given up” in their efforts to make our streets and neighborhoods safe once again.

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