Madison High Rose Fest Princess selected

Meet Princess Gabby Ferrogiaro, the last outer East Portland Rose Festival “Princess” to be selected …

Madison High School candidates Wynter Razzanoa, Cammy Nguyen, Ethel McBee, and Gabrielle “Gabby” Ferrogiaro take their places on stage.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Excitement was in the air inside the Hibbard Theater at Madison High School on March 19, as the Court of four Portland Rose Festival candidates gathered for the big announcement.

Before the program began, the 2018 Portland Rose Festival Madison High Princess, Stephanie Vo-Nguyen, told East Portland News that it’s been a great year for her.

Greeting her fellow students for the last time in her role, is last year’s Portland Rose Festival Madison High Princess, Stephanie Vo-Nguyen.

“My advice to our new Princess is, don’t take a second of it for granted because it goes by really fast,” Vo-Nguyen smiled. “It’s a difficult and long process to come this far, but it will go by really quickly, so enjoy every minute of it!”

The program was brief and simple, beginning with the four candidates being escorted to the stage. Then came introductions of Portland Rose Festival Foundation dignities and staff, and the attending Royal Rosarian was announced.

Giving a gift to each of the candidates is the Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor Megan Snyder.

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor Megan Snyder said she was delighted to meet the four well-qualified Court members.

The outgoing James Madison High School Rose Festival Princess, Stephanie Vo-Nguyen, congratulated this year’s candidates, then opened the envelope and announced the 2019 school selection.

As her name is announced, Court members congratulate Gabby Ferrogiaro – their school’s representative to this year’s Portland Rose Festival.

After the official photos, 2019 Portland Rose Festival Madison High Princess Gabby Ferrogiaro told East Portland News that she’d grown up in Northeast Portland, and was educated through eighth grade at Roseway Heights School, before her four years at Madison High.

“The most important thing about being the Madison Senators representative is being able to show the really great things about my school,” Princess Gabby commented. “For example, we have many classes here in Ethnic Studies that are not offered at other area schools.”

She’s proud of her involvement in many of the school’s arts programs, including theater, she said. “It’s involved a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding; together, my troupe overcame obstacles to provide entertainment to our audiences.”

About the students, Princess Gabby remarked, “Everyone is so friendly and inviting. This year I joined Track; it was awesome how well I was accepted by the other team members.

“And, these ladies in our Court are so nice,” complimented Princess Gabby. “Every single girl is super inclusive and welcoming. We encourage each other, and were nice to each other all the time.”

Congratulations to 2019 Portland Rose Festival Madison High Princess Gabby Ferrogiaro.

With an eye to a career in visual arts, Princess Gabby plans to attend a four-year university and earn a BFA in Illustration. Her artistic aspirations will be supported by the $3,500 scholarship she will now receive from The Randall Group.

Plan to cheer on Princess Gabby at the Portland Rose Festival Queen’s Coronation on Saturday, June 8, at 8:30 a.m. – just before the Grand Floral Parade – inside Veterans Memorial Coliseum. For tickets or information, see their website: CLICK HERE.

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