Lents International Farmers Market closes season on high note

Find out why it was a very good year for this outer East Portland market, located in Lents Town Center …

The sun breaks through the clouds, warming the plaza where the last Lents International Farmers Market of the season is underway.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

With mixed emotions, vendors and shoppers alike at the Lents International Farmers Market (LIFM) realized that their beloved Sunday get-together was ending for the season on November 19.

Perhaps it was the dry, yet-seasonal, weather that brought in shoppers to the plaza in waves throughout the day. Music provided by the Portland School of Rock added a lively soundtrack to the day.

Portland Farmers Market staffmember Kyrsten Williams joins LIFM Market Manager Ada Harris, and crewmember Paloma Vizcaino. for a photo.

“It’s been so amazing, moving back our to the space; our vendors are much happier at this plaza provided by The Zed,” commented LIFM Market Manager Ada Harris.

“We’re appreciative of the space where we had been located, a block west of this location, while the plaza was under construction,” Harris told East Portland News.” But being back here – it feels much more like a community gathering place for our market, and for the community in general, here in Lents Town Center.

Delighted to be serving customers, Reyna and Ricardo Miranda of Bonifacio Garden make a sale to Lents resident Kenneth Johnson.

Pauasing for a photo, these are favorite local farmers Tatyana and Petr Puzur, of Happy Moment Farm.

“And feedback from our shoppers is that they absolutely love the plaza,” Harris pointed out. “It’s wonderful to integrate the LIFM with The Zed’s covered dining area and independent food venders who are providing prepared ready-to-eat food options, in addition to our Tamales Poblanos vendor.”

This season, the LIFM averaged about 10 vendors per market; and about 700 shoppers came through on Sundays. “Special events such as the Lents Cultural Fair brought in a lot of new people to discover the market,” Harris observed.

The Moore family says they came from Bethany, in Northwest Portland, to shop and dine at the Lents International Farmers Market.

“And, our Shopper Loyalty Card has also brought a lot of people back to the market, incentivizing them to return to the market week after week,” said Harris.

Although she hadn’t taken a poll, the indications are that shoppers will still find most of the great vendors they’ve come to love at the market when it opens in June, 2024 – in their delightfully renovated home.

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