Lents’ farmers market season concludes with Thanksgiving Market

Find out why folks say the Lents International Farmers Market had a great season … and are glad they can still shop on November 24 to ‘stock up’ for the Holidays …

Even on cool November days, this outer East Portland market, in the Lents neighborhood, offers fresh veggies and fruits.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

End-of-season shoppers were delighted to find, long after other area farmers markets have shut down for the season, that they could still shop one more time at Lents International Farmers Market (LIFM) on November 17.

Shoppers who look forward to seeing what Norma Amaro and Nicolas Amaro, with N&N Amaro Produce, have for sale – including fresh roasted peppers –spend a moment with Market Manager David Oberstein.

“That’s right; all of us here at LIFM are looking forward to our ‘Thanksgiving and Holiday Market’ next Sunday,” smiled Market Manager David Oberstein. “We’re wrapping up a full season here; and our season is been good, in so many ways. We’ve had really wonderful weather, and that coupled with great community turnout, this made it a great market season.”

Happy neighbor and LIFM shopper Meiga Simon buys fresh greens from Monique Irish, up from certified-organic Simington Gardens, in Aurora.

“We’ve had a pretty full market with 10 to 15 vendors – which fills our market space – throughout the season; and vendors naturally change as we go through the growing season,” Oberstein told East Portland News.

“Our regular customers say that they feel ‘connected’ with us, and enjoy seeing what’s here as seasons change – shopping with sellers who are here every week. And they also enjoy seeing the new faces.”

Unlike some markets, LIFM has focused on hosting strictly small growers, Oberstein pointed out. “In our market, none of our vendors grow produce on more than 10 acres; we’re really supporting our small local farmers.”

Providing lively Andean music at the market is this trio, Grupo Latitudes.

Both shoppers and vendors have told him they’ll miss getting together after the market closes. “People say like coming out to interact with their neighbors and friends, and, at the same time, connect with their local growers – all this helps build community,” Oberstein pointed out.

When they open next season, the Manager expects 100% of the Market’s vendors will return when it opens again for 2020.

Some greens, late tree fruits, and lots of root vegetables will be in stock at the LIFM Thanksgiving Stock-up Market.

Shop the Thanksgiving Stock-up Lents International Farmers Market on November 24
Set your Thanksgiving Day table with vegetables, other foods, and decorations, from this great outer East Portland market. They’re open from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on November 2, the last day of their 2019 season.

Visit them on SE 92nd Avenue, across the street from the Portland Fire Station near Reedway Street, between SE Foster and Harold Streets.

For more information, see their official webpage: CLICK HERE.

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