Lents Business Association ‘mixer’, though delayed, was a hit

Take a look, and you’ll see that the ‘snow delay’ didn’t put the chill on this Lents Grown Business Association networking opportunity …

Checking people in, and providing them with drink tickets, are Lents Grown Business Association District Manager Dana Nardi, and Ashley Bonn, Events & Media Assistant. Both are from Venture Portland.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Organizers from the Lents Grown Business Association (LGBA) who were planning a  networking meeting in late February couldn’t anticipate the “blizzard of the century” that postponed it at the last minute. [CLICK HERE to see our coverage, photos, and video of that storm!]

However, the business mixer was then rescheduled the evening March 2 – again, in Lents Town Center – convening in the Zenith Room, high atop The Zed.

Pausing for a photo are LGBA President Nick Lee, VP/Treasurer Keith Richardson co-owners Refuge Coffeehouse and Secretary Kimi Richardson.

“I’m glad the winter storm has passed, and we’re now able to hold our ‘business mixer’ this evening,” commented LGBA President Nick Lee, owner of Lents-based Studio Sign Company.

“We’ve invited a number of potential members, business owners, and managers, from around the area; and I’m glad to see many of them arriving to see what we’re all about,” Lee told East Portland News. “While it’s great to see people connecting with one another and the LGBA, this is also an opportunity for them to become aware of programs and small business benefits provided by ‘Prosper Portland’ and ‘Venture Portland’ as well.”

Catering the business mixer from their kitchen within The Zed, are Lillouie Barrios – owner of Pah!,  a “deaf owned” restaurant – with the help of Victor Covarrubias.

Enjoying the hospitality at the mixer are are Jason Edwards and Heather Edwards of Heather’s Treasures Fix, makers of eco-friendly and reusable products.

There was no formal program; those who came simply made new friends and renewed past acquaintances, while noshing on great sliders, blossoming onion wedges, and mixed garden salad – and quenching their thirst with beverages from the Zoiglhaus Brewing Company.

“Good reasons to join our business association include networking events like this – but also, the opportunity to learn ways to become involved with community engagement. If one wants to do well in business, one needs to know the neighbors, and needs to engage them,” Lee advised.

The room fills with people learning about each other’s business, and also about the opportunities gained by joining the LGBA.

The LGBA is already working on plans for late spring and summer. One of them is to create a “makers market”, with local crafters and makers, offered in the form of an outdoor festival.

“And, building on the success of the Community Fair we hosted in connection with the Lents International Farmers Market last year, we’re planning to host another event like that again this year,” assured Lee.

Learn more about the Lents Grown Business Association Neighborhood Business District by visiting their website: CLICK HERE.

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