Jazz Fest again lights up Montavilla

Find what’s new at the Montavilla Jazz Festival, coming August 19-20 …

It’s time again for the Montavilla Jazz Festival, held again in outer East Portland, on the main stage and in the building of Portland Metro ArtsEast Portland News archive image from 2016’s Jazz Fest

By David F. Ashton

The volunteers behind the Montavilla Jazz Festival (MJF) have been working for months creating an outstanding two-day event, coming up on August 19-20.

“The artists featured at this year’s festival are truly creating new frontiers in jazz,” said Ryan Meagher, programming director of MJF.

“Our goal is to support local jazz artists and provide a wonderful cultural experience for the community, while shining a light on the need for music education,” Meagher said. “And, we’re honored to present a dynamic music festival that is as unique as the city of Portland.”

This year, the festival will feature Portland native Essiet Okon Essiet, now one of New York’s busiest bassists.

Look for Blue Cranes to perform during this year’s festival. Courtesy of Blue Cranes

Additionally, top artists on the Portland jazz scene will be performing throughout the festival, including:

  • Rich Halley 5 with Vinny Golia;
  • Blue Cranes;
  • David Friesen Quartet; and,
  • Jasnam Daya Singh with the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble.


The festival kicks off Saturday, August 19 at 1:00 p.m., with the last performance starting at 8:00 p.m.  Then, from 9:00 p.m. until midnight, they’re holding a Saturday Night After-Hours Jam Session at East Glisan Pizza.

New indoor Jazz Lounge & PROWUS Student Stage
Instead of presenting the music of talented rising young local musicians out in the sweltering heat of the parking lot, performances will be scheduled this year, throughout both days of the festival, inside the new air-conditioned Jazz Lounge, featuring Montavilla Brew Works beverages and East Glisan Pizza.

Lighting up the stage at the 2017 Montavilla Jazz Festival will be the Rich Halley 5. Courtesy of Rich Halley 5

General admission day passes are available for purchase, only at the box office, during festival hours on both days. Seating is limited; re-entry to the auditorium is not guaranteed; and no refunds are given. Each day pass costs $15-30 sliding scale.

A portion of the proceeds supports the “Montavilla Schools Music Fund”, which last year provided $2,000 for music education for the students of two three schools.

It all takes place at Portland Metro Arts, 9003 SE Stark Street, in Montavilla, of course! To see the complete line up, and for more information, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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