Injury wreck shuts down 92nd Avenue

This is one of those accidents that could have been avoided, officials say …

The intersection of SE 92nd Avenue at Duke Street is closed down after a two-car crash.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Had a driver waited just a little longer for traffic to clear, this two-car crash in the Lents neighborhood on October 7 about 11:20 a.m. would have not occurred.

Traffic was routed around SE 92nd Avenue, from Foster Road south to Claybourne Street, while police, fire, and medical first-responders sorted out the smashup.

An AMR paramedic tends to a person injured in this crash.

According to a Portland Police Bureau officer at the scene, a black Ford Fusion Titanium was traveling eastbound toward the intersection where SE Duke Street dead-ends into 92nd Avenue.

Referring to witness statements, officers say they believe the Ford Fusion pulled into the intersection to go north on SE 92nd Avenue, when it was struck by the silver Toyota sedan.

A beefy tow truck has difficulty dragging the damaged Ford from the rain gutter.

The driver’s front side of the Toyota impacted the driver’s side rear wheel of the Ford.

“This looks like a case where, if the driver would have taken a ‘second look’ before pulling into the intersection, this accident could have been avoided,” the officer remarked.

An elderly patient was provided discretionary transport to a medical facility for evaluation.

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