Hundreds taken into custody at East Precinct

Take a look and see some of the crowd who were escorted inside the outer East Portland East Precinct – and then released with refreshments …

In front of the Portland Police Bureau East Precinct building, in the Hazelwood neighborhood, visitors get to inspect a police cruiser before going inside to visit the rest of the station.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It’s been a while since the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) held an open house at their East Precinct building, just up the street from Floyd Light Middle School and the East Portland Community Center.

But, on August 19, many families accepted the invitation to take a supervised tour of the building, beyond the small front lobby.

Portland Police Cadet Margaret Ryan, a University of Portland student, spends a moment with East Precinct Administrative Supervisor Karen Lavoie.

“After many years of having summer events around our community, we wanted to bring it back here to the East Precinct, so we can show people the equipment, introduce some of our officers, explain about police divisions that serve the community, and let people see how we work here,” smiled PPB Administrative Supervisor Karen Lavoie, who is in charge of the facility management.

“That’s why we’ve invited residents to come here and learn about police, and learn about what we do here at East Precinct – while taking a tour led by Police Cadets, and enjoying some ice cream!” Lavoie told East Portland News.

Preston Casteel, and – hiding behind a ballistic shield – Parker Casteel – get an up-close look at SERT gear with Officers Justin Thurman and Tim Hoeerauf.

Around the building and outside, PPB Special Emergency Response Team officers, Rapid Response Team officers, a police dog team, and representatives of the Police Honor Guard were all on hand, telling about their teams, and showing some the equipment they use.

“It’s important to have an event like this to let people in the community see for themselves what we’re about,” Lavoie said.

A group queues up for a tour of East Precinct.

“While some may believe that law enforcement professionals are not really the ‘good guys’, they are – and they are out, day in and night out, protecting everybody, and responding to calls for service of all kinds. It makes a difference when our neighbors get to meet and know the person behind the uniform,” reflected Lavoie.

After the tour, visitors relax out in the courtyard and enjoy ice cream treats.

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