Huge Asian market opens on 82nd Ave.

See the massive celebration in outer East Portland as ‘Shun Fat Supermarket’ opened in the former Foster Road Fred Meyer property …

With basket carts at hand, awaiting the grand opening of the “SF Supermarket” on the edge of the Lents neighborhood, shoppers take their place in line.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

A new grocery store opening typically attracts little attention.

But, the grand opening celebration of the Shun Fat (“SF” on the sign) Supermarket, officially 5253 SE 82nd Avenue of Roses at Foster Road, on Friday morning, June 14, actually drew a crowd of hundreds.

At daybreak, eager shoppers were already lining up, each pushing one of the market’s emerald green shopping carts, waiting their turn to enter the new store, which is situated in part of a former Fred Meyer Store.

Visiting from San Diego, two friends of the company’s owner since high school – Ann Tran and Nga Khuu – greet shoppers eager to enter the new store.

According to the owner, Hieu Tran, he opened his first grocery store in 1993 to serve the Chinese community of Monterey Park, California, in east Los Angeles, and has since expanded to 14 stores – this being his first one in Oregon.

Parking was scarce in the lot, a large section of which had been cordoned off for the grand opening celebration – including an area set aside for fireworks, which was being carefully guarded by a Portland Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief.

In front of the store, an official puts finishing touches on a food offering table.

Most of the growing crowd calmly waited for the program to begin, but one eager shopper dashed under the barrier tape. Security officers kept others from following her, and safely returned the lady back behind the line.

In front of the store, a food offering table – a Buddhist tradition – was reverently set up, complete with incense, roasted pigs, fruits, and vegetables.

Welcoming the new customers to the opening day celebration is SF Supermarket Manager Portland Huy Trieu.

“On behalf of our Chairman, Mr. Hieu Tran, this is our proudest moment – to introduce to you to this new supermarket, here in East Portland,” exclaimed SF Supermarket Manager Portland Huy Trieu, to begin the opening celebration. “This is the result of hard work – and coordination from everyone present – [that you will] see today when you enter our store; we hope you will love and patronize our store!

While opening ceremonies are taking place, a worker inside the store makes sure the seafood for sale is “wriggling fresh”.

“We are providing more variety of healthy and nutritious food, because we believe that food brings people together,” Trieu went on. “The supermarket is more than a grocery store – it is a cultural experience; so, please accept our sincere appreciation for welcoming ‘SF Supermarket’.”

This former Fred Meyer building occupies a square block and is now named “Emmert International Marketplace”. It will also contain other, smaller businesses, in addition to the SF Supermarket, said owner Terry Emmert.

Saying he’s looking forward to “re-energizing” the landmark corner is Emmert International Marketplace owner Terry Emmert.

“This has been a great project, and we’re very pleased to be working with SF Supermarket,” Emmert told the crowd. “Wait till you see inside; you’re going to be impressed. We want this to be the hub of our community, so that this becomes the new ‘Boardwalk’ of Portland.”

The explosions of 10,000 firecrackers going off, part of the grand opening ceremony, can be heard for blocks around.

Confetti showers the owner, managers, and officials, before they cut the ceremonial ribbon under the watchful eyes of “lucky lions”.

Escorted off the stage, Emmert held a burning road flare and lit the end of a string of 10,000 firecrackers. Guests held their ears; the explosions went off safely, but were deafening.

In a surprisingly orderly fashion, the hundreds of new customers then filed into the store – where some busily basketed merchandise, while others just looked around in awe at the products displayed for sale.

Through the main hallway of Emmert International Marketplace, shoppers head into the newly-opened “SF Supermarket”.

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Ready to check out the first customers at SF supermarket is Natalie Nguyen.

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