Honors given to ROSE CDC supporters, at annual breakfast

Find out who, among the many partners and volunteers of ROSE Community Development Corporation, were singled out for ‘bouquets’. And, learn why so many were moved by a lawyer’s keynote address …

Liz Hutchinson and Han Tran welcome guests.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Again this year, partners and volunteers of ROSE Community Development Corporation were singled out for “bouquets” at the 2012 Donor’s Breakfast held at OMSI in September 22.

As nearly 150 guests filtered into the banquet area, ROSE’s Executive Director Nick Sauvie commented, “Not only is this our major fundraiser for the year, it’s also an opportunity to recognize all of the people in the organization who support and help us do our work.”

ROSE serves as a bridge between low-income people in Southeast Portland, and resources and talents of the rest, Sauvie added. “We bring people together to work on issues like housing, childcare, parks, schools, and other things that are really important in the neighborhood.”

About 150 supporters attend the 2011 ROSE Donor Breakfast and Awards.

Master of ceremonies, community advocate, and “professional volunteer”, Gary Marschke welcomes attendees.

Starting the morning’s program, Gary Marschke, who calls himself a community advocate and “professional volunteer”, served as the program’s MC, and welcomed guests with light-hearted comments.

“And, we’re here to celebrate the work of ROSE has done on outer Southeast Portland since 1992,” Marschke said, introducing the organization, “Being a strong voice on behalf of East Portland neighborhoods.

“This includes affordable rental housing, early childhood development programs, community organizing activities and helping make 321 renters into first-time buyers. ROSE has been working to Revitalize Outer South East for 19 years.”

ROSE CDC Executive Director Nick Sauvie welcomes attendees to the 2011 Awards & Donor Breakfast.

Marschke introduced the organization’s executive director, Nick Sauvie, who said, “East Portland has grown twice as fast in population as the rest of the city in general. We’re working to help keep up the infrastructure of the area to improve the livability of the neighborhoods we serve.

“The theme for the meeting is ‘Our Time is Now’ – for affordable housing, healthy families and strong neighborhoods.”

Sauvie added, “Soon, we’ll enroll the first children into the ‘Parent-Child Resource Project’, a program to help 3, 4, and 5 year olds succeed in school.”

He concluded his remarks by observing, “In the last few years we’ve invested more than $8 million in rehabilitating more than 65 homes, apartments, and four-sale homes. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our partners and volunteers.”

Community Leader: Roger Anthony

Nick Sauvie presents Roger Anthony the 2011 ROSE Community Leader award.

Roger Anthony was named the ROSE Community Leader. He has been a Rose Board member since 2005, and has served as Board President for the last two years.  He contributes to three Board committees as well.  A journalist who formerly worked at the Oregonian and Portland Tribune, Anthony has played a key role in improving ROSE’s communications.

Community Partner: Loaves & Fishes

Gary Marschke presents the 2011 ROSE Community Partner award to Moira McHale with Loaves & Fishes.

Moira McHale of Loaves & Fishes accepted the 2011 ROSE Community Partner award. Loaves & Fishes, we learned, has been a valued ROSE partner since Lents Village opened in 1997.  From that location, 58,000 meals have been served to 600 outer Southeast seniors.

Business Partner: One Pacific Coast Bank

Gary Marschke presents the 2011 ROSE Business Partner award to Bonnie Anderson, who accepts on behalf of One Pacific Coast Bank.

Representing her institution, Bonnie Anderson accepted the 2011 ROSE Business Partner award. One Pacific Coast Bank has financed acquisition and rehabilitation of three apartment buildings with Rose in the last three years, showing their dedication to social and environmental banking.

Outstanding Rose Volunteer: Hiroaki Kurita

Gary Marschke presents the 2011 ROSE Outstanding Volunteer award to Hiroaki Kurita.

About the man named 2011 ROSE Outstanding Volunteer, Hiroaki “Hiro” Kurita, Sauvie said, “Hiro has provided invaluable help to ROSE in developing our new strategic plan. He coordinated outreach to 88 community stakeholders, and organized 1,000 findings in the database. He is also researched our neighborhoods’ demographics, and best practices in community development.”

Keynote speaker Shemia Fagan, an attorney with Ater Wynne LLP, and recently elected a member of the David Douglas School Board, related how her experience growing up in eastern Oregon – raised by an “overly protective” single dad – taught her many lessons about her personal worth.

The keynote speaker, and Ater Wynne LLP attorney, Shemia Fagan advocates for further support of ROSE in order to strengthen East Portland.

Fagan summed up her feelings as she concluded her remarks: “Whether it’s the governor of a state, or the father of a daughter, a leader will see value whether others see it or not, and protect it.

“I’m here because ROSE has been a leader in East Portland. We’re speaking up for a community to which often has been said, ‘If you want economic development, here’s another strip club. You want affordable housing, here’s a high density sardine can. You want parks, here’s an empty lot.’

“But ROSE has invested in East Portland for nearly 20 years, because they see that the area is deserving of living-wage jobs … and homes people can afford and are proud to welcome guests into. The time is now, to recognize that East Portland is every bit as much of a part of the city as is downtown and the West Hills.”

In addition to presenting awards, ROSE raised more than $15,000 for their cause. For more information, see their website: CLICK HERE.

It’s not too late to contribute – ROSE CDC accepts donations online.

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