Hit-and-run driver captured in Lents

You’ll be surprised to learn where and how this outer East Portland incident got started – one which ended up with the driver being arrested, far from the starting point …

While the situation ended up here in Lents, just south of Eastport Plaza, officials say this incident started as a hit-and-run accident near Mall 205 in the Hazelwood neighborhood.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Typically, hit-and-run accidents draw little attention from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). But, what was dispatched as a “cold” hit-and-run on June 7 at 3:15 p.m., brought 14 police units, including at least two motorcycle officers.

“The incident began with the report of a vehicle involved in a crash near Mall 205,” reported PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Chris Burley.

“A description of the vehicle was broadcast; and an officer south of Mall 205, near Interstate 205, saw a vehicle matching the suspected hit and run vehicle,” Burley told East Portland News.

When the officer attempted to investigate further, and the suspect sped away, appearing to try to elude the officer.

Officers converge, looking for a suspect whom neighbors said was hopping fences between these houses, in an attempt to escape capture.

The driver’s getaway route is unclear, but he ended up on SE Holgate Boulevard, between SE 82nd Avenue of Roses and 92nd Avenue, before turning south on SE 87th Avenue.

“The officer found the vehicle abandoned,” Burley said. “Officers established a perimeter, and located at least one of the occupants of the vehicle.”

Officers detain a woman, not in custody, sitting on a curb in the 4500 block of SE 87th Avenue, just north of Pardee Street.

Two PPB Motorcycle Division officers and two units were on SE Pardee Street, where it dead-ends at 86th Avenue; a neighbor pointed out to police how the suspect had run through yards, vaulting over high fences, heading west.

More officers were on SE 85th Avenue, a half block south of Holgate Boulevard, and neighbors pointed out the suspect, who at that point had tried to get into an elderly woman’s house and “scared her half to death”, as one of the neighbors recounted to East Portland News.

PF&R paramedics hurry into a house to assist an neighbor, reportedly frightened by the suspect’s escape attempt.

Portland Fire & Rescue Lents Station Engine 11 rolled up to the scene on SE 85th Avenue, as did an AMR ambulance.

This ambulance prepares to transport an officer injured while searching for the suspect.

“One officer was injured during the search for the suspect, and was transported to an area hospital, with a serious but non-life-threatening injury,” Burley said.

Meanwhile, Engine 11’s paramedics provided medical assistance to the elderly neighbor – and then to the suspect, by then in custody, who “suddenly” reported serious medical issues.

While he was detained in the police car, paramedics checked out the suspect for reported medical issues.

“At this time, the name of the suspect hasn’t been released,” Burley said.

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