Health care practices from the far East taught at Gateway school

Interested in Oriental medicine? Take a read and learn how the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine trains practitioners and provides services for patients …

Dr. Michael Gaeta tells community members why this school attracts students from across the nation – and world.(David F. Ashton Photo)

Special to East PDX News
By Julia Farman*
If someone asked you where OCOM is, would you know the answer? Or what OCOM stands for?  It is Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. It is world-famous and located right here in East Portland.  We recently had the privilege of learning about their program at their introductory presentation and tour in May.

Speaking about the mission and history of their 1.4 acre campus, the school’s Dr. Michael Gaeta said OCOM is the oldest of 60 Oriental medicine colleges in the United States. It is the primary destination for United States students for acupuncture and oriental medicine.

In his talk, Gaeta shared the experience of a student who visited Greece. The student sought out the only acupuncturist on the islands ‚Äì and was amazed that this practitioner was aware of the school’s outstanding reputation.  He returned to his studies very impressed, yet dismayed, that Portlanders did not seem to be familiar with OCOM.

The staff of OCOM intends become a primary change agent regarding health care in this country.  Gaeta said this kind of health care practice is centered on building relationships and thus, are patient centered.  They follow an integrated medicine approach and have applied for Regional Accreditation.

They are a member of Complimentary Alternative Medicine, as are Portland’s chiropractic and naturopathic colleges.

The school reaches out to the community, with clinics sites with InAct Inc, OutSide In, Hooper Center, Richmond Center, and soon the Emma Jones Hall at Oregon Health Sciences University, the Hollywood Senior Center and Washington County Corrections.  They are involved with the young, the old, the homeless and the imprisoned.

OCOM operates a clinic at their campus and welcome the public, with sessions being offered at reduced rates. Additionally, they hold free monthly seminars open to the public.

Interested? See them at SE Cherry Blossom Drive, near Mall 205, or call (503) 253-3443 for more information.

* “Long Term Care Extraordinaire” is how Julia Farman, CSA, is known to East Portland Chamber of Commerce members. She can be reached at Nevin, Works & Associates at (503) 274-6224

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