Halloween fun in East Portland

See the fun we found at several Halloween celebrations this year …

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Lots of treats, and few tricks, highlighted the [three] Halloween events we attended this season.

Westmoreland Union Manor hosts party
As they have in years past, the Westmoreland Union Manor welcomed trick-or-treaters to their facility with a long table, laden with candy.

Peggy Lewis, Joy Irons, and Mary Lou Combs welcome guests to Westmoreland Union Manor on Halloween evening.

Inside the Manor, master magician Bob Eaton entertains a crowd that included many kids – such as butterfly Ariel, and good witch Tara.

“Inside our great room, the Manor’s entertainment committee also put on a party, featuring master magician Bob Eaton,” reported the event’s organizer, Mary Ann Muldoon. “It’s our way of welcoming in our neighborhood community, and providing camaraderie for our residents.”

Woodstock Community Center’s spooky soirée
This second annual event was a combined effort of the Woodstock Community Business Association and Woodstock Neighborhood Association.

“We started off with a story-time at Woodstock Library,” explained the event’s organizer, Gina Ballard. “Then, kids trick-or-treated their way west along ‘Candy Corn Lane’ (a/k/a Woodstock Boulevard), here to the Woodstock Community Center.”

Here, welcoming visitors to the second annual Halloween event at the Woodstock Community Center, is event organizer Gina Ballard.

The Krill family – Robin, little Amalea Krill and Jim – work on Halloween crafts at the Woodstock Community Center.

Upstairs was a room dedicated to making seasonal arts and crafts. Downstairs, volunteers made sure even the littlest kids won candy prizes while playing the offered games. The Center’s kitchen counters were laden with healthy treat – like sliced apples, crackers, and cheese.

And she wasn’t alone in this year’s effort, Ballard pointed out. “Twenty-five volunteers pitched in to make this event fun and safe for everyone. I think it’s great that many of our helpers are young people, including Read College students. It’s really wonderful to live in a neighborhood that cares about community.”

This little Woodstock bee, Ryan Dash, tries the ring toss game, with the help of volunteer Josh “Bobo” Hobson.

Decorations at the Woodstock Community Center let families know that they were in for a fun, not-so-spooky time.

By the end of the evening, the Community Center had welcomed about 375 people to the community event; about 200 of them were children.

The LifeHouse Church was another major sponsor,” Ballard said. “And, we really appreciate our business sponsors: UPS Store, Otto’s, Laughing Planet, First Cup, Papaccino’s, and Hair Styles Unlimited.”

Lents Harvest Festival provides food, music and fun
On the lookout for more fun, we made our way out to the Harvest Festival put on by the Lents Lutheran Community, at Pilgrim Lutheran Church on SE 92nd Avenue, north of SE Holgate Boulevard.

“Welcome to our wonderful sixth annual Harvest Festival,” was how we were greeted by one of the event’s organizers, Jean Ferguson.

The Muller family and friends come to party at the Harvest Festival.

One of the Lents event’s organizers, Jean Ferguson, serves up a hearty meal of spaghetti and meatballs.

Kids were playing games; “Laughing Moose” – the event’s musical professor – was playing and singing tunes; and everyone was enjoying a hearty Italian dinner.

Couples, families and groups drifted in and out of the celebration throughout the evening, Ferguson said. “The idea is to provide a very safe and enjoyable place for the community to gather.”

“Professor of Music” Laughing Moose (also known as Bruce Kjeldsen) jams with his little buddy, Aspen Bouma at the Lents celebration.

Caleb and Eliana Eby enjoy the Lents Harvest Festival.

Judging from the warm, friendly atmosphere that prevailed there, they succeeded.

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