Goblins and spooks return to Rossi Farms

For two weekends, the ‘Haunted Ghost Town’ comes alive as the place where Parkrose history won’t die …

Welcoming (perhaps “daring” is more accurate) Hallowe’en celebrants to enter Haunted: Dead or Alive at Rossi Farms in outer East Portland, it’s the event’s producer, Todd Vanderfeldt Jr.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It may have “rested in peace” for a while; but, in late October, the Haunted Ghost Town at Rossi Farms has reincarnated – opening on October 18 and again on the 19th, and then again on October 25 and 26.

“Of all of the events we’ve hosted here, people tell me they’ve missed having the ‘haunted ghost town’ here the most – and that it just doesn’t seem like Hallowe’en without it,” remarked Joe Rossi on opening night, as folks were coming into the attraction called “Haunted: Dead or Alive”.

Perhaps this prisoner has been in Parkrose Jail a little too long; hopefully, the bars are sturdy!

“We did bring back the pumpkin patch last year and it’s open in late afternoons again this year – it’s the perfect place for families with little kids to have a fun, and not-at-all scary, Hallowe’en experience,” Rossi told East Portland News.

Producing this year’s event, “Haunted: Dead or Alive”, is Todd Vanderfeldt Jr., who has had experience with this event in past years, Rossi noted.

It’s hard to know just who – or what – you’ll find roaming the corn maze with you.

Both adults and kids enjoy being scared there. It features a corn maze, and “old Parkrose” as a haunted western ghost town – populated with lively ghosts, thanks to members of the “Turkey Creek Desperados”, as well as students from nearby Parkrose High School.

Some very little ones might find the ghostly cemetery a bit frightening, with its “living dead” resident roaming around. Going into the “town” buildings, you might come upon a ghostly bartender, or a couple of scallywags trying to cheat at cards in the saloon.

This “friendly game” of cards in the ol’ Rotgut Whiskey Saloon looks to have turned decidedly dangerous.

Now and again, the opening night’s tranquility was shattered by shrieks and laughs, as visitors navigated their way through the ghoulish, spectral, and bizarre tableaus.

“Our wish is that the folks who visit have as much fun in coming, as we do putting it on again for them,” Rossi said.

Some of the dead in old Parkrose Cemetery don’t want to stay underground – and look hungry!

Haunted Ghost Town open October 25 and 26
From 7 until 10 p.m. each evening – If you dare – visit the place “Where History Won’t Die”. Thrill to the many scary attractions for young and old alike – merging true Parkrose history, with legends…and complete fiction.

Get tickets at the farm – or in advance, online: CLICK HERE; $13.60 Adult | $10.45 Kids (including ticket fee).

There’s lots of family fun to be had at the Community Pumpkin Patch.

Through October 31: Community Pumpkin Patch
The decidedly not scary part of the experience at Rossi Farms is the Community Pumpkin Patch, where families with little kids can come, take photos, and purchase pumpkins – all while supporting the Parkrose Community.

It’s FREE to visit their simple, neighborhood patch; fresh, local pumpkins are for sale ranging from $3-$15. Please leave the dogs at home. The Community Pumpkin Patch is primarily staffed by, and benefits, student volunteers from Parkrose High School choir, band, and wrestling programs.

The Community Pumpkin Patch hours are Monday through Friday 4 p.m. until dusk; Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until dusk. For more information about it, CLICK HERE.

It’s all happening at Rossi Farms, 3839 NE 122nd Avenue in Parkrose, 97230.

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