Gateway’s PACS continues to serve throughout the Holidays

See how the Portland Adventist Community Services center in outer East Portland serves residents, thanks to the help of volunteers, and donors

Helping to bring produce into the Portland Adventist Community Services Food Pantry, to provide for hungry families, is its supervisor – Lidiya Gavrilenko, who has been with the Hazelwood neighborhood-based organization since 2003.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Long before many other similar services in the region, Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) has been helping neighbors in need since it started, back in 1934.

Even during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, PACS employees and volunteers have been stepping up to help – and especially during this most unusual Holiday Season.

PACS Volunteer Coordinator Katie Linfoot shows some of the warm winter coats, and new knitted hats, to be given to their clients.

Beyond providing just food, the Stone Tower Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a coat and hat drive to benefit PACS’ food pantry clients, said the organization’s Volunteer Coordinator Katie Linfoot.

“A church member who is involved in Stone Tower’s Community Resource Department had this idea to collect funds to purchase new coats, and some of the church ladies made hats to go along with this drive,” Linfoot told East Portland News. “During the drive, 50 coats were collected, and 40 homemade knitted hats were given to PACS.”

Gathering food from a storage container, here are PACS volunteers Ray Holm, Russell Cooper, Chuck Nagele, and PACS Mobile Pantry manager Sam Paellecer. Driving the fork lift is Mobile Pantry manager and PACS Associate Director Tim Zollbrecht.

Most days, PACS trucks “glean” food from grocery stores and food service providers to stock their pantry. As well, many neighbors bring non-perishable food donations to the center too.

“And, we’ve had some major food donations lately!” exclaimed PACS Associate Director Tim Zollbrecht.

Local Valin Corporation staff, Terri Governor, Travis Logsdon, Dawni Kapsch, and Dave Fahlgren stand with some of their food donation to PACS. Contributed image

“For example, the Portland office of Valin Corporation  donated 669 pounds of food.” Zollbrecht added that VALIN has chosen PACS as a food recipient for the past five years.

“And, Gateway area Farmers Insurance Agent Cindy Rein held a food drive – and this year, donated 115 pounds to our pantry,” Zollbrecht disclosed.

Especially during the Holiday Season, community members bring donations to the support the works of the PACS Center.

“We appreciate donations from individuals, as well,” Zollbrecht invited. “The Food Pantry is currently low on canned beans, canned vegetables, canned fruit, jam, and pasta.”

PACS staffer Dan Howard shows some of the books wrapped as gifts and donated to the Center by a Mill Park neighbor, who maintains a “Little Free Library” at her home.

So, as you are reorganizing your home for the New Year, consider donating new or good-quality used clothing, household appliances, and food, to Portland’s “original pantry”, PACS.

Portland Adventist Community Services
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