Gala helps Parkrose businesspeople ring in the Holidays

Discover why this party is more than just a festive outer East Portland gathering; the funds raised go to good causes …

Checking in the guests this year are Parkrose Business Association Secretary William Keller CPA, and Mande Weaver of the same accounting firm.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The Arctic cold of this Friday evening didn’t chill the spirits of the members and guests Parkrose Business Association (PBA), as they arrived at the Portland Holiday Inn Airport Hotel ballroom for the Holiday Banquet on the evening of December 8.

This annual year-end party continues to be a combination of social networking opportunities, an annual awards ceremony, and a fundraiser for the Parkrose Business Foundation.

At the Silent Auction tables, Athena Demccutac and Josh Haak look over the offerings.

Karen Taylor encourages RoseAnn Eves, Mark Eves, and Kelly Brown to guess the number of jelly beans in the jar.

Again this year, Karen Taylor – a Mary Kay Representative – took around a sealed jar containing jelly beans; Taylor told folks there were between “100 and 1,000” beans in the jar, and offered the opportunity to guess the correct number, for $1 per guess – by holding it and carefully examining the container.

Later in the evening, Taylor revealed that long-time member Wayne Stoll had come closest to the correct number of 744 jelly beans in the jar. The guesses provided $46 in contributions to the Foundation, which keeps all the money, and Stoll was awarded the candy jar.

Under the direction of Parkrose High School Choral Director Lesley Bossert, the Debonaires entertain – with both traditional and contemporary songs of the season.

Wayne Stoll sure looks happy with the plate of food he’d selected from the buffet.

A superlatively toothsome banquet buffet – a fruit bowl, two entrees, and various side dishes – was set out by the Holiday Inn Airport catering staff. It included a carving station for roast beef. No one was surprised to see no desserts offered on the buffet line, because the meal was to be followed by a “Dessert Dash”.

Attendees talked with one another at their tables, checked on their silent auction bids, and visited at other tables throughout the evening.

Brent Grabinger of ASE Supply Inc. gives a donation to Mark Eves, Attorney at Law, who offered guests the opportunity to “dip into a lawyer’s pocket” while donating money to the Salvation Army – money he then doubled. This year, the total donation came to $2,784.

As dinner service concluded, a brief awards presentation highlighted those who have given outstanding volunteer service to the organization.

Allison Stoll of Central Northeast Neighbors presents this year’s “Karl F. Lind Award” to William Keller, CPA.

Alison Stoll told about the recipient of this year’s “Karl F. Lind Award”, saying,

“This year, it’s presented to someone who works in the community and given countless hours of volunteer time, and is known for the highest integrity and honesty. A person who is part of the community personally, as well as professionally.

“So, I will tell you that the person who has won the award this year also works tirelessly for our organization. He is a person that all of us know, love, and appreciate; he is at every PBA luncheon, and really helps manage our funds and our money. William Keller, CPA come on up!”

PBA President Angie Jenkens of Hookset Automotive and VP Cathy Morris of Northwest Pest Control present the “President’s Award” citations to Earl Swenson of East Gate Masonic Lodge, and Alison Stoll. Not pictured are awardees Rob and Tyler Mode of Grocery Outlet, and Kristin Trevino of Signs Now Northwest.

A banquet wouldn’t be complete without dessert. Those seated at each table were invited to collectively “bid” to have a representative select a treat from the “Dessert Dash” table. The table that raised the most money for the Foundation got first choice; and the table raising the least got the last dessert left over.

These “Dessert Dash ambassadors” look over the table, hoping to get first selection.

There only winners in this bidding war; all of the “Dessert Dash” desserts were scrumptious.

When all was said and done, and the contributions were totaled, the Foundation had raised more than $2,000 – the amount of one of the several scholarships it awards each year.

Find out more about the PBA at their official website: CLICK HERE.

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