Freak wreck totals three cars, in Argay Terrace

Exactly why the driver of his car lost control remains unclear – but the result of this mighty crash is amazing. Take a look, and see why officials say they are surprised that no one was badly injured …

Portland Fire & Rescue Engine 2 blocks NE 141st Avenue, while officials try to sort out the facts of this odd smashup.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
When the Portland Fire & Rescue crew of Engine 2 rolled out, responding to a call regarding a wreck on NE Fremont Court just east of NE 141st Avenue, they didn’t know what to expect.

What the found was one car stacked on another – and a Lincoln sedan planted firmly up against an Argay Terrace home.

Neighbors say they heard the grinding crash – and when they looked out, they saw dust flying, and cars strewn in front of this house.

“The Lincoln was going westbound on NE Fremont Court,” a Portland Police Bureau North Precinct officer told us. “He first hit the Corvette, and pushed it into the Trans Am lifting it up top of the Corvette, and that’s when his car went careening into the house.”

They exact nature of the situation remains unknown, the officer added, “But, by his own admission, he briefly passed out, and doesn’t recall what happened.”

While the front yard tree was mowed down, no one was seriously injured in this unexplained accident.

The 82-year-old male driver was transported to an area hospital for treatment, according to Portland Fire & Rescue Public Information Officer, Paul Corah. No citations were issued.

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