Foundation’s gift helps DDHS music programs

Find out why this instructor is being given a Keystone Kop hat, and hopeful that a crème pie doesn’t follow! And, discover the benefactor that purchased 50 copies of the musical CD featuring David Douglas High School’s orchestra – and then gave them to members of the band …

Fred Sanchez, the project’s creator, introduces benefactor John Korb, Executive Director of Adventist Medical Center Foundation, to the orchestra class at David Douglas High School.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Word has been getting out about the musical album spearheaded by Gateway real estate broker – and concert pianist – Fred Sanchez of Realty Brokers, which features David Douglas High School musicians.

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The professionally recorded and produced audio CD, promoted and sold at various Gateway businesses, and promoted through the Gateway Area Business Association (GABA), has been selling well, according to Sanchez.

But, the most unusual purchase of this musical collection occurred on March 1, when the Adventist Medical Center Foundation bought 50 CDs.

Korb tells the student musicians how he got involved in playing music in high school.

“We’re doing this to support our friends at the Gateway Area Business Association,” said the foundation’s executive director, John Korb, as we stood outside the David Douglas High band room.

“Specifically, we’re supporting their fundraising campaign for David Douglas School District’s music program,” Korb explained. “On behalf of Adventist Medical Center, we are making this gift.”

In addition to making the purchase – worth $500 – Korb said they were giving the 50 CDs to the student musicians – members of the orchestra – most of whom played on the recording.

On behalf of her class, DDHS orchestra director Michelle Lindberg accepts the CDs from Fred Sanchez, John Korb, and GABA Keystone Kop Brad Sanchez.

“We do this, because the hospital is part of the community,” Korb said. “Our mission is to serve the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. We see music as a way to help people feed their souls.”

The classroom door opened, and students looked a bit puzzled, as they stowed their instruments after rehearsal – until they learned the purpose of the special visit.

Band members chuckled as Korb told of his high school musical experience. “The only reason I joined band was that my girlfriend was in it; the only thing that I could play was the drum. But it opened my eyes to music.”

Michelle Lindberg says she’s thrilled with these CDs, and is surprised by receiving the “honorary GABA Keystone Kop” derby and flowers.

“It was a wonderful experience for our musicians to have worked with Mr. Sanchez,” acknowledged Michelle Lindberg, DDHS Orchestra Director, after the presentation. “Not only were they able to work with a musical professional, they were able to give back to the community which works to support their education.”

After becoming an “honorary GABA Keystone Kop”, Lindberg added, “I’m extremely glad that, along with the Kop cap and flowers, he didn’t also bring a cream pie!”

Look for the CD, now on sale at various locations throughout the Gateway area.

The CD, featuring light classical music, is currently available at “Postal Place”, 111th Square at 11124 NE Halsey Street (they’re also donating credit card fees); Farmers Insurance (Lee Powell Agency), 12520 NE Halsey Street; and SOS Moving Management Corp., 10630 NE Halsey Street.

For more information about the CD, or about GABA, see their website: CLICK HERE to open their homepage.

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