Folks flock to ‘East PDX Art Fest’

SEE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | See the art on display, history exhibit, and entertainment that took place at this ‘Fall in Love with Lents’ event held not long ago in outer East Portland …

All kinds of artisans show and sell their work at the East PDX Art Fest.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Recently, a series of events held under the banner of “Fall in Love with Lents” took place in Lents Town Center. They were kicked off with the Really, Really Free Market; and continued with the Lents Neighborhood Street Clean-up.

The keystone event was the East PDX Art Fest, held around Valentine’s Day. It was like a “street fair” – except it was safely held in the spacious parking lot of the Lents Masonic Lodge, along SE 92nd Avenue.

Opening the festival with energetic drumming, and three prancing ‘Lucky Lions’ dancing, animated by performers from Portland Lee’s Association.

Having a great time, as the festival gets underway, is co-organizer Jennifer Hardnett.

“This is, again, being presented by the East Portland Collective, and my organization, Four Forces Inc.,” began co-organizer Jennifer Hardnett, as she spoke about the art fair.

“The idea is to bring community together and, at the same time, also support local small businesses,” Hardnett told East Portland News.

The Visual History of Lents exhibit, started years ago by Ray Hites, is again on display, thanks to its current curator, Jason Bird.

Artist Brian Mendez shows his painting is for sale: “Man of a Thousand Smiles”

“Especially for our artists and craftspeople, being here helps them to get their names out there, and become better known in the community,” explained Hardnett. “Most of everything here, in our vendor area, are handmade goods.”

Enjoy this exclusive video that brings
you the sights and sounds of this fun event:

Visitors browsed among vendors offering fresh baked goods, handmade crafts, clothing, and accessory items.

“And with our performance area, this festival is helping our local performers by providing them a venue,” Hardnett pointed out.

Entertaining together since 2010, the locally-based duo Olive Rootbeer and Dingo Dizmal present an energetic and engaging “story time”.

“The best thing that can come out of an event like this is bringing our community together,” observed Hardnett. “And, at the same time, we’re letting people from surrounding neighborhoods know that Lents is a wonderful place to live, to shop, and to be in!”

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