Fleeing driver smashes up two other vehicles

Based on what officers found in the car, it’s obvious why the driver didn’t want to stop for police …

This Hazelwood neighborhood crash was caused by a driver fleeing police.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

When most drivers see a Portland Police Bureau (PPB) patrol car with flashing red and blue lights on – and with the officer motioning them to pull over – they do come to a stop.

But on June 24, at 12:22 p.m., not so for the driver of a black Honda four-door on SE Glisan Street.

There’s not much left of this Honda, after it T-bones a Toyota Highlander while blowing through a red traffic signal.

“PPB East Precinct officers attempted to stop the vehicle at NE 99th Avenue and Glisan Street for traffic violations,” explained PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson.

East Portland News was monitoring the radio calls between cars, as the officer “lit him up” – turning on his patrol car’s emergency flashing lights.

“The driver of the vehicle sped away from police in an attempt to elude officers,” Simpson added.

After the driver and passenger of the Honda are transported to hospitals for medical care, officers start looking through their car.

Typically, police don’t pursue vehicles into or through high-traffic areas at busy times of day. But before this pursuit could be called off, the radio call came over the air, “He stacked it up at 102nd”, meaning the fleeing car had wrecked.

Officials at the scene told East Portland News that the black Honda was eastbound on SE Glisan Street, and failed to stop for a silver Toyota Highlander SUV that had been traveling westbound, and turning southbound on SE 102nd Avenue.

“At NE 102nd Avenue, the eluding driver ran a red light and struck another vehicle, which then struck a third vehicle,” Simpson confirmed.

This image shows why it’s clear why the eluding driver stopped – the car is wrecked.

The crews of the Portland Fire & Rescue Mill Park Station 7 engine and truck arrived within minutes. Firefighters worked to pry off the passenger’s side door of the crumpled Honda, and prepare her for transport.

There didn’t appear to be working safety airbags in the Honda; however, the side-impact and front airbags deployed in the Toyota SUV. The third vehicle was driven off to a nearby parking lot.

“Both the eluding driver and passenger were transported to a Portland hospital with serious, but not life-threatening injuries,” Simpson said. “The other two drivers did not suffer any serious injuries.”

Officers place items found inside the Honda into evidence bags.

The intersection remained blocked for about two hours, while PPB Traffic Division officers investigated the crash. Also, it appeared that other officers had located what appeared to be drug paraphernalia, suggesting why the driver did not want to be stopped by police.

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