Farmers Market in Lents prospers in new location

Find out why the Lents International Farmers Market did so well this year. And, learn about their Harvest Market, coming on November 19 …

There’s still good produce to be found in outer East Portland at the N-N Amaro Produce stand, on the last day of the regular season of the Lents International Farmers Market.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

As the Lents International Farmers Market (LIFM) has been nomadically moved from location to location by high-rise building construction in Lents Town Center, some wondered if it could continue to exist.

Happily, not only has it continued during the year, but 2017 may have been one of its best seasons, according to Portland Farmers Market Operations Manager and LIFM On-site Coordinator Amber Holland. She spoke to East County News on October 29, the last day of the regular season.

Genevieve Flanagan of The Urban Acre Homestead, and Wild Roots Apothecary’s Shauna Spier, who makes products using items grown on Flanagan’s farm spends a moment with LIFM On-site Coordinator Amber Holland.

“Our newest location worked out better than we could have hoped for! All of the regulars ‘found’ us, and with lots of people moving into the neighborhood, we’re visible enough here on SE 92nd Avenue that more people have discovered this unique market,” Holland told East Portland News – adding that their A-frame signs on the main SE Foster Road intersections also helped.

Gathering another beautiful bouquet is Lucy Vang of Salinas Gardens.

Entertaining shoppers gathered in the LIFM Café area: The Supadupa Marimba Brothers.

“Typically we’re seeing between 700 to 800, and some days, up to 1,000 shoppers, coming through to visit the 16 to 18 vendors we have here each week,” Holland said. “All of our vendors have told us they are planning to come back next year, without exception – another sign of a strong market!”

The best part, Holland remarked, is seeing how the market helps the farmers and food providers. “The say being here is so important their livelihood, and that’s where I get my warm feelings from; seeing people come back year after year, supporting their small businesses as they grow.”

-5  Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood resident Cydney Ferguson-Brey buys freshly-picked mushrooms from Wild Things Mushrooms forager Tim McCarty.

Plans November 19 Harvest Market
New, for the first time ever, they’ll be open on Sunday, November 19, with a Harvest Market, she announced.

“You’ll see some the most of our vendors here, but couple of non-competing ‘guest vendors’ will be bringing in proteins, prepared food, and additional produce,” Holland said. “Shoppers will find a well-rounded offering of products that day.”

There will be nothing that competes with the existing vendors, but there will be some new items that will round out the product diversity on that day.

The Lents International Farmers Market is located on SE 92nd Avenue near Reedway Street, between SE Foster and Harold streets. For more information, see their official webpage on the Portland Farmers Market website: CLICK HERE.

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