“Famous” Ladybug Theater puts memories on sale

You see listings for the Ladybug Theater every month in our Community Calendar. See some of the treasures sold in this most unusual yard sale …

Buying pieces of Portland theatrical history, Ladybug Theater garage sale patrons Stacey and Jon Maurer, from the Richmond neighborhood, hold “Uncle Sam” and “Tom Thumb”. Troupe founder, Michele Earley, is also selling them “The Bald Guy” – and Janell Collier, a Ladybug actress for 26 years, holds the show signs.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
In an effort to clean out the Ladybug Theater warehouse, founder and impresario Michele Earley held a “garage sale” to make room for new theatrical materials in late September.

As customers browsed through old Ladybug Theater costumes, props, set furnishings, and puppets, at the sale in Ladd’s Addition, Earley told us, “The proceeds will benefit our 40-year-old children’s theater troupe.”

You and your young ones can enjoy Ladybug Theater presentations at Sellwood’s SMILE Station. Check our Community Calendar for times and dates.

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