‘Exquisite’ gingerbread creations at OMSI

See what engineers and bakers have come up with – on display at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, now, through the end of the year

Debbie Collins and Jannelle Whitesell, of the team of Safeway and SFA Design Group, work on their Gingerbread Masterpiece – which they call “Holiday in the Bayou”.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Now in its fourth year, “Gingerbread Adventures” at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) has a theme this year that’s based on their major exhibition, “Exquisite Creatures”, coinciding with the feature of the same name, now in display in their Featured Exhibition Hall.

The event pairs up local bakeries and architectural firms, encouraging them to create a Holiday display using only gingerbread, frosting, candy, and other edible treats.

“Jingle in the Jungle” is the display that Kayla Brown is decorating, produced by the team of Sugar Cubed Cakes and Scott Edwards Architecture.

“We’re so glad that the gingerbread construction projects have captured the public’s imagination,” exclaimed OMSI President and Executive Director Nancy Stuber.

“In bringing together architects and bakery decorators, they’re demonstrating how a lot of engineering, baking science, and chemistry – and, of course, some very innovative artistic efforts – can result in these fascinating tableaus,” Stuber told East Portland News.

The team of Zest Bakery, WRK Engineers, and Ankrom Mosian Architects developed this display they call “L’ife in Contrast”, being decorated by Tess Paterson.

Yes, this tableau – called “Arborvitae” – is made entirely of gingerbread and edible decorations; it’s being created by Emilie Le Garf, who volunteered with the team of New Seasons Markets and LRS Architects.

You’ll find the “Gingerbread Adventures” displays showing through January 1, 2020, in the main floor hallway that runs alongside the Featured Exhibit Hall. Learn more by visiting OMSI’s website: CLICK HERE to do so.

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