‘Exquisite Creatures’ come to OMSI

Take a look at an exhibit that presents the world’s creatures in a new and artistic way …

At the OMSI exhibition “Exquisite Creatures”, real reclaimed shellfish are mounted, forming this work of art.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) opened a new exhibit on October 5 featuring the work of artist, naturalist, and author Christopher Marley – called “Exquisite Creatures” – In the main exhibition hall.

Marley’s unique artistic constructions reveal the obscure beauty in nature, through his three-dimensional work with animal, mineral, and plant specimens.

At the exhibit at OMSI called “Exquisite Creatures”, artist Christopher Marley stands next on one of favorite works – one he named “Deference”.

“On display is a nexus of the three major elements of the human experience,” said Marley as the exhibit was about to open. “There’s an ‘in-between place’ where a lot of ‘magic’ happens which helps people begin to see the natural world in a different light.

“There are a lot of urbane people who don’t consider themselves nature buffs; I present the natural world in particular way that kind of draws people in and reaches them emotionally,” Marley told East Portland News.

Unique arrangements of creatures absorb guests at the exhibition.

“What I hope people take away from this exhibit is that, as we interact with the natural world in real time, and in three dimensions – it’s a completely different experience than in two dimensions,” Marley said. “I’m hoping to rekindle interactions with the physical world.”

The exhibit’s local manager, OMSI educator Jennifer Powers, remarked, “Because OMSI’s mission is to inspire curiosity and inspire science learning, after they see Marley’s exhibit here, hopefully people will be inspired to study or learn something new in nature.”

OMSI’s Jennifer Powers sees for herself the scientific difference between arachnids and insects, by looking through a microscope in the “Nature Lab” area of the exhibit.

OMSI adds ‘Interactive Space’
“In conjunction with this fascinating exhibit, our staff has created a space called ‘Nature Lab’, in which guests can have the sort of hands-on experience they’ve come to expect from OMSI,” Powers explained.

In this new area, visitors can make their own arrangement, by moving magnet-mounted play insects and bugs to create their own “creature art”. There is a microscope where guests can explore insects and arthropods up close. And, there are clear plastic cases, in which folks can closely view live arthropods: Millipedes, a walking stick, and scorpions.

Visitors can create their own “creature art” in the exhibit’s Nature Lab.

“Exquisite Creatures” is on view at OMSI through February 17, 2020; admission to the exhibition is included with General Admission to the museum.

OMSI is located at 1945 SE Water Avenue, 97214; learn more online by visiting their website: CLICK HERE.

From small crawling bugs, to swimming fish, to flying birds – all kinds of small creatures are on display at the “Exquisite Creatures” exhibit at OMSI.

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