Elderly Lents Neighborhood man shoots intruder in scuffle, after noise complaint

It’s up to the DA whether or not to file charges. But, see why a neighbor believes it was most likely self-defense. Apparently, it wasn’t some innocent bystander who died …

The Portland Police Bureau’s Mobile Precinct serves as the investigative office, as investigators look into a shooting death just east of SE 82nd Avenue.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The incident started a little after 9:00 a.m. on March 31, at a single-story four-plex, set off SE Bush Street, just west of Marshall High School campus.

“I was in my bedroom, watching TV, when I heard a ‘bang’, a pause, then bang, bang, bang,” is how back-door neighbor Derek Kiziway said he became aware something was going on.

Back-door neighbor Derek Kiziway tells about the events he’s just witnessed.

“I didn’t think it was a gunfire initially, I thought it was my neighbor doing some kind of construction, Kiziway told us. “Obviously, when I saw the police a little later, I realized it was gunshots.”

From his window, Kiziway saw officers take up ballistic shields and approach the most eastward unit of the four-plex, directly behind his house. “They didn’t kick down his door, like something you see on TV. Police acted really calm, and did a really good job. I was very impressed with how they handled this. I know the old man who lives there; he has some health issues.”

On-scene, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson confirmed the timeline and the events Kiziway spoke of, but was able to give no further information, due to the ongoing active investigation of the scene.

Kiziway describes his neighbor, 69-year-old Dale Lloyd Duncan, as a peaceful gentleman.

The elderly man, later identified as 69-year-old Dale Lloyd Duncan, had invited him in from time to time, Kiziway said. “He’s been my neighbor for at least three years. He’s pretty thin, and looks pretty fragile. Once when I visited, he showed me some of his guns – he has quite a collection. I think he said he was a Vietnam veteran. I never felt threatened in his place. He seems like a gentleman; a very peaceful, nice guy.”

A PPB officer conducts an interview in an effort to determine what led to the shooting death of a man in SE Portland.

On April 1, Sgt. Pete Simpson revealed that the Oregon State Medical Examiner had concluded that 49-year-old Vincent Lee Wyatt of Southeast Portland died from multiple gunshot wounds.

This confirms what Wyatt’s girlfriend, Karla Martin, told several reporters when she arrived the scene the morning of the shooting – adding that she was surprised by the lethal occurrence.

“Dale Duncan was inside his residence and banged on the wall of the unit next door, because of loud noise,” Simpson continued. “Wyatt, who was visiting the next door unit, came over and confronted Duncan, and entered Duncan’s residence.”

Investigators concluded that Wyatt had threatened Duncan and pushed him. “Duncan grabbed a handgun and fired several shots at Wyatt,” reported Simpson. “Wyatt fell and landed on top of Duncan, who is medically fragile. When police arrived, Duncan was calling for help, as Wyatt lay on top of him.”

PPB investigators, detectives and officers interview witnesses and compare notes.

The deceased isn’t a stranger to the legal system. In 2006, the Portland Tribune detailed how, at that time, Wyatt had been booked into the Multnomah County Corrections System dozens of times, mostly on hundreds of misdemeanor charges.

“Wyatt died at the scene and Duncan was transported to an area hospital for an unrelated medical condition,” expressed Simpson. “Duncan has cooperated with investigators.”

About whether or not Duncan will face criminal charges, Simpson said, “At this point in the investigation, no arrests are anticipated and no charges are expected to be filed. The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office will review the case when the investigation is complete.”

With their primary investigation complete, police detectives walk to the Mobile Precinct to compile the information and evidence they’ve collected.

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