Efforts of ‘Parkrose Can Man’ again assure a great Senior all-night party

You will be amazed at how much this hard-working, volunteer school booster has raised this year – by collecting deposit-return bottles and cans! Find out why you should save your Memorial Day party containers – and, where you should take them next Saturday …

The “Parkrose Can Man”, Dave Luce, empties a barrel of return-deposit plastic bottles after they are sorted at a first-of-the-month collection session.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Dave Luce, also known as the “Parkrose Can Man”, has proven to be the last person to “toot his own horn” – but this volunteer continues to work tirelessly to help the Parkrose High Bronco Boosters and school organizations – and the Parkrose High Senior All-night Party fund.

“I collect deposit-refundable aluminum cans, and plastic and glass bottles,” Luce says. “At the can drives on the first Saturday of the month, the funds we get from returning the cans are split between the Parkrose High Bronco Boosters and the school organization that is helping out.”

So far this season, this effort has generated about $8,000, Luce confided.

Russell Martin, a student at Russell Academy, and Parkrose High Track Team members Tanner Martin and David Falbo, help out on this collection day.

In addition to this, Luce has 212 large can and bottle collection barrels at companies and organizations throughout the community. “I exchange each one for an empty barrel when they fill up. All of these funds go directly to the Parkrose High School Senior All Night Party Committee.”

Luce said his effort is ahead by $300 from last year at this time; he’ll be turning over $9,500 to the parents who help Parkrose High Seniors have a fun, but drug-and-alcohol-free, party after graduation.

A ‘full-time’ volunteer job
Luce told us that he recycles the national brands for cash at the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative on NE Yeon. “But with the Trader Joes, QFC, WalMart 7-11, Target, Walgreens, Costco, and Rite-Aid ‘house brands’ – we sort them out and take them back to their stores.”

Some store managers have gotten to know about his work, and allow him to turn in an amount “over the limit”.

Moms help out, too! Melissa Ritchie says she’s helping out because her daughter is a 6th grader at Parkrose Middle School

Next collection is June 5
If you’re having a party this holiday weekend – or attending one – be sure to round up the empty bottles and cans.

Luce and his helpers – this time, members of the Parkrose High Band – will be waiting for you to bring by your can collection on Saturday, June 5, from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Before you go to the Parkrose Farmer’s Market, just across the street that morning, use the circular driveway in front of at Parkrose Middle School, on NE Shaver Street. It’ll be easy and convenient.

And, if you have a big load of ’em – or know a good office or business for Dave Luce to place a recycling barrel – call him at (503) 255-3745.

> MAKE A NOTE: Because it falls on a holiday the JULY recycling event will be held a week later on July 10.

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