Easter Egg tradition continues in Maywood Park

Take a look at the joy surrounding the annual City of Maywood Park Easter Egg Hunt …

They’re off and running at this Easter Egg Hunt – which, strictly speaking, isn’t in outer East Portland at all – but instead, is in the independent City of Maywood Park, bordering the Parkrose neighborhood.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Since well before the City of Maywood Park incorporated in 1967 – thus becoming a distinct city within the City of Portland – the Saturday morning before Easter has always been a date to which the children of the 217 families residing in the town look forward with anticipation.

Everyone came out on the morning of April 15, in this mid-County city, for the 2017 Maywood Park Easter Egg Hunt – and even brought along a few invited relatives from outside the area.

Volunteer organizers Gayle Burrow and Patty Meighen get ready to redeem coin tokens, stuffed into some of the eggs, for prizes.

One of the organizers, 23-year resident Gayle Burrow, watched the children run and pounce on some of the brightly colored Easter eggs scattered in a neighbor’s yard, and across the street in a park.

“For quite a while, I’ve been helping Patty and Greg Meighen with this,” Burrow told East Portland News. “We get together the volunteers over at their house, and stuff the 4,000 eggs we use every year with good quality candy, and a few ‘magic coins’ that the kids can redeem for prizes.

The area for the little kids is set off in the back yard of a neighbor’s home.

Mom Tessa Peterson helps her “little bunny” Eleanor gather Easter Eggs.

“Other volunteers help put up the signs, bring muffins and coffee, and spread the eggs on the morning of the event,” Burrow said.

Patty Meighen stood inside the bed of a pickup truck making announcements, and counting down to the beginning of the hunt. At the appointed moment, kids took off, heading for areas marked for their own age group.

Tenley Wright shows her magic “gold coin” to her Nana, Linda Johnson.

“We’re very thankful for the sunny weather; it helps bring a good turnout,” commented Burrow. “The best part for me is watching the little kids picking up eggs – it’s so much fun!”

After about 15 minutes, all of the eggs had been gathered, and parents were helping the children “shuck” their prizes – and then return the empty plastic eggs to containers for storage until they are filled and hidden again next year.

The Easter Bunny (Garrett Gothro) says hello to neighbor Sam Lund. Kari Gothro photo

“It’s important to have an event like this because it helps bring the community together,” Burrow smiled. “It’s good for us to meet our neighbors, and honor our children.”

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