Easter Bunny drops off thousands of eggs for Maywood Park kids

See exclusive photos of this city’s annual springtime family event and find out exactly how many plastic eggs were filled and distributed by volunteer neighbors this year …

At the appointed time, older kids take off across the street to the park, ready to scoop up Easter Eggs at the City of Maywood Park’s annual event. Photo by Patrick F. Smith Photography, CLICK HERE to visit his site.

Story by David F. Ashton, photos by Patrick F. Smith and David F. Ashton
The good folks of the City of Maywood Park didn’t let the threat of rain dampen their spirits as they participated in their decades-old tradition of holding an Easter Egg hunt on April 3.

For readers who are unaware, Maywood Park isn’t a Portland neighborhood, it’s an actual town. The City of Maywood Park – located just east of I-205, and surrounded by Woodland Park on the south, Parkrose Heights to the east, and Parkrose neighborhoods to the north – has their own Mayor, Mark Hardie, and city council.

Sam Lund, Greg Meighen, and Patty Meighen, coordinator of the Easter Egg hunt in the City of Maywood Park, show three of the 3,000 plastic Easter Eggs filled and hidden for children to find.

Patty Meighen, coordinator of this year’s Easter Egg hunt, said she and her neighbors love the feeling of community in their city that events, such as this one, provides.

“About a hundred kids came out this morning,” Meighen told us. “We try to recycle as many plastic eggs as we can; this year we packed about 3,000 of them. All of the eggs contained candy, or special prize certificates – like Easter baskets or toys.”

With a total of 3,000 eggs placed, all of the youngsters get a basket full of candy and prizes. Photo by Patrick F. Smith Photography, CLICK HERE to visit his site.

This – like the town’s Independence Day celebration, on July 4 – is organized and funded by neighborhood volunteers, Meighen revealed. “People donate candy and cash. About 15 volunteers helped out by getting the materials, stuffing eggs for hours, then hiding them.”

Again this year, they planted the eggs in a neighbor’s lawn and yard for the little tykes; and in the park, across the street, for the big kids. “It’s a lot of work,” Meighen admitted, “but seeing the joy it brings to our community when parents bring their children and have a wonderful community activity – it makes it all worthwhile.”

Parents enjoy watching their kids pick up the Easter Eggs, almost as much of the kids like scooping them up. Photo by Patrick F. Smith Photography, CLICK HERE to visit his site.

> Cover photo by Patrick F. Smith Photography.

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