Drugs, private files, destroyed on ‘Shred Day’

Here’s why scores of outer East Portland folks were heading west on this sunny Saturday …

Coming on foot, by car – and even on bicycles – people arrive to dispose of unused medications and confidential documents during “Shred & Rx Turn-in Day”.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

A couple of years ago, it appeared that Portland would no longer participate in the nationwide “Shred & RX Turn-in Day”, held each spring.

However, thanks to the efforts of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), the Office of Community & Civic Life Crime Prevention section, and the Better Business Bureau, many people were able to bring such items for disposal at PPB’s Southeast Precinct office on April 27 once again.

Sisters-in-law-enforcement” (actually!) – PPB White Collar Crime Division Detective Cheryl Waddell, and Officer Kathleen Martinez – help out at this year’s “Shred & Rx Turn-in Day”.

“We’re here to help the community, by having unwanted documents shredded – right here, on site – today,” said PPB White Collar Crime Division Detective Cheryl Waddell.

“Shredding keeps sensitive documents – those with personal, identifiable information – safe from people who may want to use them for fraudulent purposes,” Waddell told East Portland News.

Taking a big bag of drugs to be disposed of is Better Business Bureau Portland Marketplace Manager Danielle Kane.

“And, our PPB Neighborhood Response Team officers are overseeing our participation in the federal DEA ‘pharmaceutical drug turn-in’, making sure unused or unwanted drugs are safely disposed, and don’t find their way into the hands of youngsters who might want to experiment – or ‘dumpster divers’ looking for narcotics,” Waddell said.

“Finally, we’re giving out information about intellectual property protection, counterfeit medicine, and what websites and other resources can help citizens and consumers stay clear of counterfeit medicine,” the detective added.

PPB White Collar Crime Detective Chris Brace takes another bag of confidential documents to be shredded.

Following up on the day’s activities was Office of Community & Civic Life Crime Prevention Coordinator | East Teri Poppino, who provided statistics for the successful “drug discard and shred day”:

  • 719 participants, coming by vehicle, on foot and bicycle
  • 720 lbs of drugs taken for incineration
  • 18,600 lbs of documents shredded on site
  • 1,213 lbs of food for the PPB Sunshine Division

To learn more about the services provided by the Office of Community & Civic Life’s Crime Prevention staff, see their webpage: CLICK HERE.

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