Drowsy driver splinters Division Street pole

If you live in the Centennial neighborhood, and had electrical problems late on November 9th, here’s why …

SE Division Street is closed, after a car leaves the street, snapping through a power pole and bringing down energized wires.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Two men – one a Portland Police Bureau District officer and the other a Traffic Division officer shook their heads as they viewed the aftermath of a single vehicle traffic accident that took place about 11:30 p.m. on November 9.

Emergency first responders were called to the area along SE Division Street, in between where SE 141st Avenue goes north, and also a little to the east, heads south.

Police Bureau officers come to investigate the crash scene.

“From what we understand, a Buick Century was traveling westbound on SE Division Street,” and officer told East Portland News.

“The vehicle drifted off the road, to the north – jumped the curb – and struck a wooden utility pole, snapping in half,” the officer said.

With electricity arcing around the transformer, everyone stays away from the smashed car until the power is turned off.

The top crossbars remained dangling from the wires it once supported. Where the electrical wires touched the trees, the energized lines made buzzing, arcing sounds.

Portland Fire & Rescue Mill Park Station Truck 7 was called out to help the driver out of the wrecked car, but it, and an ambulance, was soon cancelled, when the driver exited the vehicle unassisted.

This car is wrecked, after the reportedly-dozing driver smashes into a utility pole.

“Based on what we’ve learned so far, it’s possible the driver fell asleep and drove off the road,” the officer said.

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