‘Distracted’ driver rolls car

No injuries are reported, but officers tell us that two lessons can be learned from this outer East Portland smashup …

There were no injuries reported when this car rolled over onto its top, in Parkrose.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The call first came in as a motor vehicle accident with injuries at 1:06 p.m. on April 23, in the industrial area of the Parkrose neighborhood on NE Marx Street, just west of NE 110th Avenue.

At first, Portland Fire & Rescue Truck 2 Paramedics were summoned to the crash scene, as well as an ambulance. But, the driver and passengers involved refused medical transport or treatment at the scene.

At tow truck driver hooks drag chains to the upturned car’s frame.

Arriving on scene, East Portland News came upon a Volkswagen Golf four-door sedan, with a scraped-up driver’s side, upturned on its roof.

It appeared as if the single-car crash had occurred when the driver struck a high sidewalk curb, causing the car to flip, and roll onto its roof.

The car is ready to be rolled back over onto its wheels.

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) North Precinct officer pointed out a youthful looking man, standing on the sidewalk near the overturned car.

“That was the driver of the car,” the officer told East Portland News. “A PPB Traffic Division officer cited him for distracted driving – for either talking or texting on a cell phone.”

Asked what could be learned from this wreck, the officer said, “Two lessons: Seatbelts saves lives; and, drive free of distractions.”

Debris spills out of the wrecked car, as it’s rolled upright and made ready to tow away.

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