Dinner held to laud Johnson Creek helpers

Here’s where Johnson Creek volunteers, including some from outer East Portland, gathered to celebrate …

Ready to enjoy the evening’s program, these folks have gathered for the annual “Volunteer Recognition Supper” presented by the Johnson Creek Watershed Council

Story and photo by David F. Ashton

In the Community Room of their new headquarters in the Woodstock neighborhood, the Johnson Creek Watershed Council (JCWC) held their annual “Volunteer Recognition Supper” on Friday evening, November 2.

The meal, served by the nonprofit organization, and lavishly supplemented by potluck dishes brought by participants, offered hearty dinner options for all.

Talking with tablemates is JCWC Executive Director Daniel Newberry.

While some dined, others browsed among raffle prizes set out on a back table.

“Volunteers do so much for us,” JCWC Executive Director Daniel Newberry reflected to East Portland News.

“Last year, when we calculated that the number of hours that volunteers contributed, it was the equivalent of having five full-time staff members working,” Newberry said. “That’s more than 10,000 hours that volunteers contribute to the health of Johnson Creek. We feel that holding this dinner is the least we can do for our volunteers.”

Lots of good, hearty food awaits diners on the buffet table.

Unlike the annual Riffle Awards, this is a more informal and low-key celebration for all who’ve “gotten dirt under their fingernails” as Newberry put it – where they renew friendships, make new acquaintances, break bread together, and are honored.

In an activity that’s become a staple of the evening, guests write and read a haiku expressing their connection with Johnson Creek. An example:

Cleaning up the creek
alien zombie mermaids
let’s do it again

Two primary groups were honored; those getting their “20-Hour Volunteering” pin, and volunteers receiving “100+ Volunteer Hour” awards.

Honored for 100+ hours of volunteer service are Mary Ann Schmidt, Melanie Klym, Ceana Pancheco, Devin Van Leuven, Hannah Scruggs, and Caz Zyvatkauskas.

Gathering for a photo, with “20-Hour Volunteering” pins in hand, are Michele Miner, William Floor, Kelley Delpit, Hanna Heddy, Bill Cepurna, Sam Sharka, Erin Rivers, Carole Miles, Emily Waters, Miles Takiguchi, and Steve Getlein.

With activities going on throughout the year, it’s always a good time to learn more about, and to join, the volunteers of the Johnson Creek Watershed Council, Newberry suggested.

Learn more by visiting their website: CLICK HERE.

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