Demonstrators show support for police at East Precinct

Unlike the outer East Portland rioters, find out what attracted these people to the Portland Police Bureau East Precinct campus on a very hot afternoon …

On the border of the Hazelwood and Mill Park neighborhoods, folks publically campaign in support of their local law enforcement officers.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Ten days after rioters attacked the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct building – when some ruffians threw paint on neighbors who were trying to stop the their damage, and arsonists tried to set it ablaze – there was a different kind of protest held there on August 15.

The new group gathered in front of the boarded-up PPB East Precinct building, across the street from Floyd Light Middle School on SE 106th Avenue, just south of Washington Street.

Even though it was a sunny and very hot afternoon, with temperatures nearing 100° in outer East Portland, a group of citizens showed up to tell the officers coming in and out of the East Precinct for the shift change, that they appreciate their law enforcement officers.

An afternoon change-of-shift seemed like a good time to show law enforcement officers stationed at PPB’s East Precinct that they do have community support, says an organizer, David Potts.

“We’ve helped organize this effort to show our support for law enforcement employees,” explained David Potts.

“We hope our law enforcement officers will see our message – that a lot of people really appreciate what they do as they work, 24/7, to keep our neighborhoods safe,” Potts told East Portland News.

This couple arrives to show their support for local law enforcement workers.

“We agree that Black lives matter, and it’s a valid protest; but, I think their messages have gotten lost amidst all the rioting and destruction that’s gone on downtown, and at the former Southeast Precinct buildings,” said Potts.

“Police accountability is a good thing; and it makes total sense to have meaningful law-enforcement oversight,” opined Potts. “But, I don’t think we’re going to achieve that by throwing rocks, bottles, paint, and explosives at people with opposing views – or people who have taken an oath to serve and protect us.”

Neighbor Brian brought a sign to show his support for law enforcement folks.

Several vehicles passed by during the demonstration; all signaled their approval of the show of support for law enforcement personnel.

Individuals and groups joined the demonstration; one of them included a neighbor, who identified himself as Brian.

As the shift change begins, officers driving back to East Precinct again see demonstrators – but these are offering positive, supportive messages.

“I came out here today to show our support for police officers,” Brian stated. “They’ve always had a very difficult job; and now, it’s even more difficult work, with 80 days straight of nightly riots. It’s difficult to deal with very emotionally charged, difficult situations.

“So, why we’re here is simple; we want to let them know that they are appreciated!” Brian said.

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