Death takes a holiday, in outer East Portland

Week 61 Shooting Report | Officers ran down many reported shooting calls, this week. But, for a change, it appears no one was maimed or killed by gunfire over Labor Day. Includes ‘Shots Fired’ log: See if there was any gunfire reported in your neighborhood …

From the neighborhoods of Powellhurst-Gilbert to Lents, Hazelwood, and Argay Terrace, officers respond to dozens of ‘Shots Fired’ calls in outer East Portland.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Usually, the combination of warm weather and a long holiday weekend are a deadly combination – but not his week.

By the way, if our headline sounded familiar, “Death Takes A Holiday” was also the title of a 1929 play, and five years later a hit motion picture. And, it was revived and adapted and 1998 as “Meet Joe Black”, starring Brad Pitt.

There were still numerous ‘Shooting – with Weapon’ calls across the City of Portland, from Fairview to Hayden Island, that put shooting victims in the hospital – but fortunately, none in outer East Portland that even wounded people, let alone slew them. Comparatively speaking, it was a happy holiday!

Mental health issues; not shootings
Many times, reminds Portland Police Bureau (PPB) Public Information Officer Sergeant Kevin Allen, many ‘Shooting’ calls turn out to be other something else entirely. Two of those calls this week, one day apart, turned out to be the result of mental issues.

For example, on September 8, PPB East Precinct officers were sent to SE Division Street at 125th Avenue at 7:22 p.m. to investigate a shots fired call in the Mill Park neighborhood. “Officers found an individual who appeared to be suffering from mental health challenges, who claimed to be shot; but officers determined that he had not been shot,” Sgt. Allen told East Portland News.

Then, on September 9, officers were dispatched to the Gateway District in the Hazelwood neighborhood at 1:15 a.m. near Adventist Medical Center, at the intersection of SE 107th Avenue and Madison Drive, again to look into a reported shooting. “In this instance, officers found a patient who apparently suffers from dementia, and who was not shot,” Sgt. Allen said.

Day and night, officers respond to “Shots Fired” calls.

Shots Fired Log
Nevertheless, East Precinct officers were dispatched to 54 “Shots Fired” calls this week. There were 19 such calls on September 5. In some cases, officers did find “evidence of gunshots”; in others, they did not.

September 3
21-245750       20:51:15          3500 Block of SE 65TH AVE

September 4
21-246103       05:41:14          1200 Block of NE 153RD AVE
21-37429         07:17:54          2300 Block of NE 178TH AVE
21-246695       20:40:54          SE 62ND AVE / SE DUKE ST
21-246712       20:55:24          16900 Block of SE DIVISION ST
21-246733       21:24:22          NE GLISAN ST / NE 87TH AVE
21-246792       22:35:26          17400 Block of SE EMMERT CT
21-246868       23:34:27          NE 81ST AVE / NE OREGON ST
21-246869       23:36:03          NE 72ND AVE / NE KILLINGSWORTH ST
21-37514         23:44:01          300 Block of NE 170TH AVE
21-246886       23:47:47          SE 122ND AVE / SE STARK ST

September 5
21-246899       00:02:56         NE 72ND AVE / NE ALBERTA ST
21-37518          00:05:59         NE 162ND AVE / NE GLISAN ST
21-246903       00:09:00        800 Block of NE 81ST AVE
21-246918       00:21:37          SE 122ND AVE / SE DIVISION ST
21-246920       00:22:24         SE 87TH AVE / SE FLAVEL ST
21-246924       00:31:33          10300 Block of NE PRESCOTT ST
21-44910         00:50:56          17100 Block of SE FOSTER RD
21-246941       00:51:00          SE 82ND AVE / SE FLAVEL ST
21-246983       01:41:55          6400 Block of SE 61ST AVE
21-247013       02:33:55          8100 Block of SE STARK ST
21-247060      04:05:55          8400 Block of SE LAMBERT ST
21-247100       05:47:24          SE 92ND AVE/SE CRYSTAL SPRINGS BLVD
21-247186       08:25:31          NE SANDY BLVD / NE 110TH AVE
21-247167       09:26:45          12400 Block of SE CARUTHERS ST
21-247274       10:47:11          00 Block of SE 127TH AVE
21-247627       18:50:41          7400 Block of SE WOODSTOCK BLVD
21-247745       21:43:19          12000 Block of SE PINE ST
21-37639         22:54:10          17300 Block of NE GLISAN ST
21-247813       23:07:32          100 Block of NE 147TH AVE

September 6
21-247905       01:01:58          NE 104TH AVE / NE CLACKAMAS ST
21-248628       20:10:41          11400 Block of SE RAMONA CT
21-248670       21:15:36          14700 Block of SE RHONE ST
21-248720       22:20:11          17800 Block of NE MARINE DR
21-248731       22:34:58          1900 Block of SE 149TH AVE
21-248734       22:38:15          8000 Block of NE OREGON ST
21-248769       23:09:32          12300 Block of SE BUSH ST

September 7
21-248888       02:40:10          1900 Block of SE 122ND AVE
21-37890         14:42:51          1200 Block of NE 162ND AVE
21-37909         16:29:22          16300 Block of NE MULTNOMAH ST
21-45398         18:07:15          9400 Block of NE Campaign Street
21-249725       18:53:35          SE 85TH AVE / SE ELLIS ST

September 8
21-249979       00:39:31          9200 Block of E BURNSIDE ST
21-249998       01:29:32          2500 Block of NE 143RD AVE
21-250050       03:37:07          2300 Block of SE 139TH AVE
21-250663       15:39:31          700 Block of NE 114TH AVE
21-45638         20:42:37          5100 Block of SE CIRCLE AVE
21-250976       21:33:50          12000 Block of SE BOISE ST
21-251028       22:28:56          5100 Block of SE 86TH AVE
21-251060       23:00:59          2900 Block of SE 122ND AVE

September 9
21-251109       00:09:18          15800 Block of NE GLISAN ST
21-251134       00:54:53          11200 Block of SE BROOKSIDE DR
21-251182       02:33:44          11200 Block of NE WYGANT ST
21-251832       17:12:42          1100 Block of NE 99TH AVE

If you live near any of those addresses, now you know why officers appeared there, and why.

East Portland News will continue to record the unending welter of shots fired reports over the last year until a most-welcome cease fire is declared, because you deserve to know specifically what dangers there may be to avoid, in your vicinity.

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