‘Davis Graveyard’ again haunts Johnson Creek Boulevard

INCLUDES VIDEO VIGNETTE | It’s worth the drive from outer East Portland to see this unique, startling, walk-by Hallowe’en haunt …

At twilight – when it’s a getting a little spooky – a family arrives to admire the spooky tableau set up in the Davis Graveyard.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

In October of last year, those driving along S.E. Johnson Creek Boulevard, in the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek neighborhood, were disappointed not to see the fully decked-out Hallowe’en spectacular, at the corner of 43rd Avenue, known as the Davis Graveyard.

“It’s true; we didn’t set it up here at our home last year,” confirmed the “Mistress of the Graveyard”, Chris Davis. “Instead, at the last minute, when we found we could not set up here [due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic], we helped people set up a ‘drive-through haunt’ on the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby – so, at least our ‘decorations’ were out and about.

Again, masters of their own “haunt”, Chris Davis and Jeff Davis admire their handiwork as they stand in famous Hallowe’en display they’ve created in their yard along Johnson Creek Boulevard.

“But now, in our 24th year, it’s back at our home. The difference this year is that we won’t be doing any public events, such as having the dance team come make an appearance, or closing off the street.”

However, those who stop by for a stroll outside their fence will still enjoy the “graveyard”. And they will see some new things, in addition to the 75 tombstones in the yard – six statues, and one massive statue; three larger features, and a giant crypt.

As darkness falls, the true creepiness of the Davis Graveyard appears.

“I’m not afraid of this, really!” says a young girl – while safely within the protection of her mother’s arms – as they both peer into the Davis Graveyard.

“On the weekends, we have six ‘projection ghosts’ running around our 150-foot-wide front yard, as well as some other special effects,” she said.

One delight for Chris, and her partner in spookiness – her husband Jeff – is reading and responding to “Comment Cards” filled out and left by visitors. “We get about 1,000 cards a year throughout the month of October; and to everyone who leaves their mailing address, we send a commemorative postcard after the season is over.”

Get the true feeling of this outdoor haunt by watching our
Video Vignette – recorded in “Scare-O-Vision” …

The other pleasure of the season for the couple is the benefit they host for “Our House”, a project of the Cascade Aids Project. “This fundraiser, held the evening of October 23, was an adults-only outdoor event; it’s the only time this year we’ll let people on the property,” Chris told East Portland News.

Find the opportunity to take a look, from the outside, at this great neighborhood “haunt” on Johnson Creek Boulevard, back again for this Hallowe’en season.

To learn more about the Davis Graveyard – and the Hallowe’en decorating classes they teach during the year – see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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