David Douglas Rose Fest Princess revealed

Meet Princess Tiffany, and see the excitement that took place during the announcement program …

The students, teachers, and staff of David Douglas High School, in the Hazelwood neighborhood, fill the school gym as this year’s Portland Rose Festival Princess Announcement assembly begins.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It’s impossible to describe the high level of positive energy one feels, when more than 3,000 David Douglas High School (DDHS) students fill the gymnasium bleachers for the all-school assembly at which the school’s Portland Rose Festival 2017 Princess is to be announced.

Any of the candidates would well represent their school, says DDHS Principal John Bier.

As the students and faculty were filing in, DDHS Principal John Bier was all smiles, and commented to East Portland News, “Again this year, we’re all excited because, once again, we have four really good candidates!

“The members of the court, every year, are really good students who are involved with our school and their communities; and this year’s court is no exception. All four of them are highly capable, and any one of them would make a really great representative for David Douglas.”

Christopher Silva leads the DDHS a cappella Troubadours choir in the National Anthem.

The assembly started with the candidates, Molly Barker, Tiffany Nguyen, Ahsia Pearce, and Destiny Spicer each taking a turn being escorted the length of the gym on a red carpet, and onto the stage.

Smiling back at members of this court’s realm are Portland Rose Festival Candidates Tiffany Nguyen, Molly Barker, Destiny Spicer, Ahsia Pearce.

Unitus Community Credit Union mentor Lori Williams presents each of the candidates a gift.

Keeping with tradition at this assembly, the David Douglas School District-wide “Scots Angels” program’s fundraising results were revealed: $12,000, presented in two $6,000 checks to help support this year’s “angels”, Adrian and Brody.

Also, members of the junior class Spring Prom presented a skit, promoting the upcoming “James Bond”-themed dance.

Demonstrating why she was selected to represent her school at the 5th Annual Z-Man Scholarship Foundation’s “Talent Within” recipient on May 5 at City Bible Church, is Abigail Jacob – singing the Little Big Town song “Girl Crush”.

2016’s David Douglas High School Rose Festival Princess, Stephanie Vo, addresses the assembly.

Up to the stage stepped last year’s David Douglas High Portland Rose Festival Princess, Stephanie Vo.

“Hello David Douglas, long time no see!” Vo began. “You should know how much courage and strength these individuals have who are here today!” To the four candidates she said, “You are already wonderful people, just by being here.

“I have gained life experiences that I would not had any other way,” Vo continued. “My time on the Court was full of not only valuable lessons, but honestly filled with the kindest, wisest, and the most determined people you’ll ever meet.”

Although the Scots Princess will have her late nights, and demanding tasks that will cause some stressful days, “I 100% guarantee you that it’ll be very worth it. I promise!”

The DDHS Portland Rose Festival Court await the announcement.

Tiffany Nguyen learns she will be representing her school on the Court of the 2017 Portland Rose Festival.

Stephanie Vo places the tiara on the head of the 2017 Portland Rose Festival David Douglas High Princess, Tiffany Nguyen.

After the official and family photos were taken, Princess Tiffany talked about her immediate and long term future.

“Being selected is extremely important for me, because I want to share my experiences from my school community with everyone in Portland and Oregon – I want everyone to know what a supportive and diverse community we have here,” Princess Tiffany told East Portland News.

“Going to school here in our multicultural environment will help me in many different ways, including making connections, talking to different people, and gaining further experience from different views,” Princess Tiffany said.

After the announcement, here then is the DDHS Portland Rose Festival Court: Destiny Spicer, Princess Tiffany Nguyen, Molly Barker, Ahsia Pearce.

Having performed in past editions of the Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade, Princess Tiffany said she looks forward to this year’s event, riding on a float with the other members of the Court.

The 18-year-old, four-year honor roll student’s list of accolades is lengthy and diverse. Beyond being a National Honor Society member, she’s also participated in numerous clubs and organizations.

Her future education and career plans of attending a university and majoring in Sociology will be aided with a $3,500 scholarship provided by The Randall Group. She then plans to become a social worker or a human activist working with men, women, and children who have suffered from human trafficking.

Congratulations to Portland Rose Festival David Douglas High School 2017 Princess Tiffany Nguyen.

Plan to cheer on Princess Tiffany at the Portland Rose Festival Queen’s Coronation on June 10 at 8:30 a.m., in Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, just before the beginning of the Grand Floral parade.

To learn more about the Portland Rose Festival, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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