David Douglas High’s ‘Rose Princess’ introduced

Talk about spirit! See how “Portland Rose Festival fever” sweeps through this huge student body, as they welcome the Scots’ 2011 representative to the famous pageant …

The entire student body (and many staff members) show up, ready to welcome their 2011 David Douglas High School Portland Rose Festival Princess as the National Anthem plays.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Principal John Bier looked pleased, as he watched more than 3,000 of his students at David Douglas High School (DDHS) find seats in their gymnasium – some kids perched on bleachers rising nearly 50 feet from the room’s floor.

“As you can see, we love this annual Portland Rose Festival event,” Bier smiled on the afternoon of March 7, as the annual program was about to get underway.

The assembly begins with DDHS senior Ian Uehara playing the ukulele, accompanying Diedre Uehara, a junior, as she sings the National Anthem.

The school’s 2011 Princess, Natalia Mosailova, greeted students entering the gym.

“I’m now a student at Portland State University, studying Psychology and Business Administration,” Mosailova told us. “I’m also doing salsa dancing, which continues to be my passion – and a little bit of hip-hop dancing. Plus, I’m keeping myself busy volunteering at Adventist Medical Center – and I have a little brother that I care of, 24/7, as well.”

Her best memories revolve around the extensive travel that goes with being a Portland Rose Festival Princess, Mosailova added. “It was a great way to explore Oregon’s history, and see all that our wonderful State has to offer. Pendleton was my favorite trip; I’m going back for this year’s Round-Up.”

Calvin Hamann escorts his sister, DDHS Rose Festival Court member Cassie Hamann, to the stage.

Candidates for the position of DDHS Rose Festival Princesses, Cassandra “Cassie” Hamann, Thuy Nguyen, Chloee Timmons, Natasha Tsopko, and Katherine Westmoreland greet their cheering fellow students.

The school’s ambassador had already been selected – although the name remained sealed in a guarded envelope – but the program’s MCs asked each candidate a question selected to elicit an entertaining response.

The DDHS Cheer Squad entertains with an energetic dance number.

As her reign is about to conclude, DDHS 2010 Princess, Natalia Mosailova, tells her subjects, “I’m really grateful to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation for giving me the opportunity to discover Portland and Oregon in a wonderful way.”

DDHS 2010 Princess, Natalia Mosailova took the stage, and addressed her school for the last time as their representative. After her brief remarks, she gave each of the candidates a miniature tiara to remind them, “You are all royalty”.

Candidates wait with eager anticipation to learn who would become the school’s ambassador to the 2011 Portland Rose Festival.

After pinning on her tiara, Natalia Mosailova hugs the 2011 DDHS Portland Rose Festival Princess – Cassandra “Cassie” Hamann.

Princess Cassie Hamann addresses her subjects, as their new David Doughlas High Portland Rose Festival Princess.

The DDHS Royal Court, Thuy Nguyen, Chloee Timmons, Katherine Westmoreland, and Natasha Tsopko pose with DDHS Portland Rose Festival Princess Cassie Hamann.

After the thunderous applause subsided, 2011 DDHS Portland Rose Festival Princess Cassie Hamann spoke with us about her new role.

“I’m really excited and happy to represent our school. I’ve gone to David Douglas schools since kindergarten – starting at Gilbert Heights, then to Alice Ott Middle School, and now as a senior here at David Douglas High School.”

About her school experience in outer East Portland, Hamann said, “It’s been a great place to go to school. We were offered many elective courses. But, more important, we’ve had amazing teachers who really cared about us and would stay after school to help if needed. And, I’ve made so many good friends here. For all these reasons, I want to represent us well.”

While she anticipates many adventures while traveling and appearing at Portland Rose Festival events, Hamann said, “I most look forward to being in the parades. I remember, both as a little girl, even now, watching the different parades. I’m really excited about that!”

Congratulations to the DDHS 2011 Portland Rose Festival Princess, Cassie Hamann.

The 18-year-old Hamann has been on the school’s Academic Honor Role for 3 years, has been a Scots’ P.R.I.D.E. team member, and has been a Student Health Clinic Advisory Member. She was voted volleyball captain, and received Athlete of the Month Award. She also tutors, and facilitates kids’ activities.

Princess Cassie plans to attend a four-year university or college, then pursue a career as a pediatric nurse practitioner, she said, noting that the $3,500 Randall Group scholarship will help start her academic career.

Plan now to cheer on Princess Cassie at the 2011 Portland Rose Festival Queen’s Coronation on June 11, at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. For tickets and additional information, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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