Dances, replayed, in ‘(Un)Made’ shows

See how FoPo’s avant-garde choreographer Linda Austin is delighting, and provoking, audiences via her new ‘Solo Relay Series’ of performances …

Linda Austin a portion of her original dance that starts off (Un)Made: Solo Relay Series.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Fifteen years ago, long before the Foster-Powell neighborhood started its revival, “Performance Works NorthWest” – an artist-run incubator for contemporary performance – was founded there by choreographer, director, and dancer, Linda Austin.

(Un)Made: Solo Relay Series is the first part of her new multi-year project, Austin said, taking a break from rehearsing for her opening show on March 13, in the studio/theater.

“At my March performance, I’ll present a solo dance,” Austin explained. “The performers at the April 10 and 11 performances will observe me, and then recreate it from memory. The next dancer will watch that performance, and will, again, reconstruct it from memory.

Different dancers and artists will present their versions of Linda Austin’s original performance in a series called (Un)Made: Solo Relay Series.

“So, over the months, it will be like playing the parlor game of ‘Telephone’ where people whisper a message the one another, and the message is transformed as it goes down the line,” Austin told East Portland News.

These performances will continue from May through July, on the second Friday and Saturday evenings of the month.

“In August it’ll be a little bit different,” Austin smiled. “This version will feature a group doing their ‘replay’ of the dance, and I will reprise my solo, contrasting the original performance from the one that ended this series.”

The idea is, Austin said, “To create a vehicle for the making, unmaking, transforming, transmitting, and distilling of ‘performance and the performative self’.”

Patrons can count on Linda Austin to come up with unique theatrical dance and performance programs.

The second “leg” of the (Un)Made: Solo Relay Series is April 10 and 11.

Patrons can experience the entire series for $35, or $10 per performance at the door, or purchase tickets or passes securely, online at Brown Paper Tickets: CLICK HERE to open their webpage.

Performance Works NW is located at 4625 SE 67th Avenue, between SE Foster Road and Holgate Boulevard.

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