Crafty fun had at Soleil Block Party

Here’s what folks discovered when they came to this outer East Portland party, held in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood late this summer …

Being able to see local art, and make projects at the party, are what attract folks to this festival hosted by Arte Soleil.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Dozens of families came out to visit and be part of the Arte Soleil Second Annual Block Party, held on September 14.

“We’re so happy to have the community at our annual community celebration,” smiled Arte Soleil co-owner Chris Bella, as the event unfolded.

Connecting artists and crafters with folks in outer East Portland is their mission, says Arte Soleil co-owner Chris Bella.

“Part of what we’re celebrating is being located here, in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood, for two years,” Bella told East Portland News.

“Here today, we have opportunities to create art, for free; to create; to participate in a seed exchange; to get some free fruit; and to enjoy treats provided by Franz Bakery,” Bella pointed out.

Representing the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association is Board Member Richard Dickinson.

This organization is more about teaching people, than about running a business, she said. “I really believe that is important that people come together, and form connections. While ‘National Night Out’ events are important to help keep our neighborhood safe, it’s even better when people get connected to create a ‘sense of place’ of where they live.

“So, the mission of our organization, overall, is to make sure that the creators in this community, who work right here in our immediate vicinity, and live here – are seen and heard,” explained Bella.

Also seen on our Front Page, working on a painting is budding artist, Azalea.

Along with showing and selling local artists’ products, Arte Soleil also works with the Community Art Project and Free Arts Northwest to help make creative arts more accessible. “Our aim is that all can engage in the creative process without considering yourself an artist, to be able to create, because, I truly believe that everyone is creative,” Bella remarked.

Outside, more neighborhood families create their own works of art, thanks to Free Arts Northwest volunteers.

To see their trending art for sale, and for information about Arte Soleil programs, as well as their address and hours, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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