Cops wrangle jaywalking pig

Here’s why there were Portland Police Bureau units, with lights flashing, in outer East Portland on SE Division Street, even though no shots were fired there …

Found on Division Street between the Hazelwood and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods, this wayward pig sniffs a treat offered to it. PPB images

By David F. Ashton

Near SE 138th Avenue, along Division Street – where the road divides the Hazelwood and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods – Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct officers were dispatched just after midnight on April 26 to a unique call.

It started when an officer on patrol in the area saw traffic in front of her seeming to be driving around something in the road. “As she approached, the officer saw that the object was actually a pig, standing in the eastbound travel lanes of SE Division Street,” a PPB spokesperson said.

-2 This midnight porcine prowler poses for a close up photo by an officer.
After she “called for backup” other officers came to help, as well as staffer with Multnomah County Animal Control. “Officers worked to contain their new pig friend and keep him safe from passing vehicles; making sure the pig did not further interfere with motorists and cause a serious crash,” the police official recounted.

While keeping a human perimeter, there were a few short foot pursuits, and officers tried to establish rapport. In an effort to keep the pig calm and contained, an officer arrived with snacks, including Goldfish crackers and cookies, but the oinker curled a lip at Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Staff from the On Call Community Rescue for Animals traveled north from Oregon City, and, after several tense attempts, seven humans were able to safely corral the pig in a crate, and take it back to their shelter.

Officers can’t resist the “photo op” with their new-found friend, providing their own caption: “Jokes and comments may now commence.

“At this time, the pig remains known as “John Doe”, though many other creative names were suggested, including one after a famous actor whose last name is Bacon,” the police spokesperson disclosed.

Hopefully, its owner will be soon reunited with the porcine pedestrian, who is now presumably living it up at the animal shelter.

By the way, the animal was making casual hog-like sounds; so, it’s clear that “John Doe” wasn’t disgruntled by his encounter with Portland Police Bureau officers.

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