Cops greet families at East Precinct party

See why folks were eagerly coming to their local outer East Portland Police Bureau station …

Across the street from the Portland Police Bureau East Precinct building, in the Hazelwood neighborhood, neighbors are greeted by officers who show some of the equipment they use in their work.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

While some law-abiding neighbors are reluctant to set foot into a police station, many people cautious of police did come by the Portland Police Bureau East Precinct building at their annual “Open House & Ice Cream Social” on July 27.

Inside the building and out – and also across SE 106th Avenue, in the Floyd Light Middle School driveway – neighbors met officers and learned about the many facets involved in keeping the community safe.

Meeting in a casual environment helps build good relationships, says East Precinct Commander Tashia Hager (far left), who stands with several East Precinct Police Cadets who helped out at the open house.

“Today, we’re opening our doors to the public we serve,” said East Precinct Commander Tashia Hager.

“This is our way of saying, ‘come into our house, our offices, and see what we have here’ during the open house,” Hager told East Portland News.

Showing one of their vehicles, PPB Tactical Operations Division SERT officer Justin Thurman spends a moment with Callie and Isaiah Clayton.

“We’ve brought in units from the Police Bureau so people have can meet and interact with our K-9 officer, our bomb disposal unit crew, and our CRT officers – and also take a tour the Precinct building.

“Typically, the community doesn’t go past the front office; so, this is an opportunity to come in and see where we work, and see what we do,” explained Hager.

Two non-sworn administrators at East Precinct – Tesa Apperson and Shon Fitzparick – happily serve ice cream to guests.

“It’s important to hold a public event like this, because it’s a good way for us to interact with people in the community who we serve, and in a fun environment,” Hager commented. “On a day-to-day basis, many times our officers are responding to calls, which implies that someone in the public is in crisis – that’s not always the best time to build relationships!

A Cadet leads another group though East Precinct.

“Having an opportunity to interact with the public outside of normal police work helps build stronger relationships, increase trust, and develop the community partnerships we need to be effective as a law enforcement agency,” Hager said.

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