Copious shootings, a murder and one gun-related arrest, in outer East Portland

Week 64 Shooting Report | UPDATEDWhile gunfire continues to erupt unceasingly, sadly, the week ends with a shooting murder in our part of Portland. And, check out the “Shots Fired” log, and see if gunfire is happening on your street …

Night after night, Portland Police Bureau officers investigate shootings, and “Shots Fired” calls, from Powellhurst-Gilbert to Argay Terrace. Then, on October 1, a man is killed by gunfire in Mill Park …

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

This week’s “Shooting Report”, written Thursday evening, originally started off:

“Of all the shootings, and shooting homicides in the City of Portland, the “good news” that only three people were injured right here in outer East Portland, this week, among the 34 “Shots Fired” calls to which officers responded.

October 1
Shooting homicide in Mill Park – UPDATED

That changed on Friday morning, October 1, at 6:08 a.m., when Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct officers were dispatched to the 500 block of SE 128th Avenue, south of SE Stark Street on the report of a shooting, and possibly a homicide.

Standing next to the PPB Forensics Division truck, and in front of the Mobile Command Center, a Homicide Division detective points out evidence in the area of the shooting.

Camera in hand, a “crime scene investigator” with the PPB Forensics Division walks into the crime scene area.

Specifically, PPB Homicide Division detectives, Forensics Division staff and officers were going in and out the driveway of the Calico Place Townhouse Condominiums that goes west of SE 128th Avenue.

“Investigating that someone shot at a house in the area, officers located an adult male, deceased, from an apparent gunshot wound,” a PPB official said.

“The suspect or suspects left before police were called and no arrests have been made,” the police spokesperson added.

Attending this shooting investigation is an agent with the FBI.

SE 128th Avenue is clogged with Portland Police vehicles, as the investigation continues throughout the day.

If anyone has any information about this incident, please contact Detective Travis Law at 503-823-0395 or Detective Jennifer Hertzler at 503-823-1040. Please reference Case No. 21-273692.


The family of the murder victim, 41-year-old Joshua Newell, provided this photo to the Portland Police Bureau for release, but declined to speak with media.

The victim this case has been identified as 41-year-old Joshua Newell.The Oregon State Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy and determined Newell died from a gunshot wound and ruled his death a homicide.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now back to the report of shootings in our area,
and the week’s “Shots Fired” log …

September 24
Suspect with gun flees police, but is captured in Montavilla

Officers learn that a vehicle that had taken off, fleeing a traffic stop in the Madison South neighborhood, subsequently is involved in a wreck in Montavilla.

On September 24, 2021 at 11:26 p.m., a PPB North Precinct officer learned that a person in a vehicle was in possession of a gun at the parking lot of Evergreen Inn & Suites, 3828 NE 82nd Avenue of Roses, in the Madison South neighborhood.

The officer followed the suspect’s car as he drove out of the parking lot and southbound on 82nd Avenue of Roses. But, when the officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the suspect gunned it, and drove off at a high rate of speed.

“Due to safety concerns for the public, the officer did not pursue, and instead pulled over and turned off her overhead flashing lights,” a PPB spokesperson reported.

Despite the lack of a pursuit, the fleeing offender continued driving recklessly, crossing the I-84 freeway into Montavilla, until he crashed his car into another vehicle at Pacific Street, on the north edge of Montavilla City Park. “The suspect ran away, and nearby officers pursued him on foot, arresting him nearby,” the police official said.

Here’s what police officials say officers found, after arresting the suspect. PPB image

It quickly became clear why the culprit tried to make a getaway. “Officers found suspected narcotics in his possession; and, in his crashed vehicle, they found a loaded revolver – and both were seized as evidence,” the official added.

Facing Felony charges related to the accident, and having a gun, is 40-year-old Ronald Terry Stephens, Jr. MCDC booking photo

After the incident, 40-year-old Ronald Terry Stephens, Jr, was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) on September 25 at 2:03 a.m. on charges of Attempting to Elude by Vehicle, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Loaded Firearm (city code), Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver (Property Damage), and an arrest warrant.

At his arraignment, Stephens learned that is combined bail of the Felony and Misdemeanor was set at $20,000; and that he was also being held without bail for Parole Violation. Consequently, Stephens is still in custody at the MCDC.

September 26
The two East Portland injury shootings

Officers are investigate a “walk-in” shooting victim, who showed up at a local hospital emergency department.

On September 26 at 8:28 p.m., officers were dispatched to a local hospital after an adult male shooting victim was admitted with non-life-threatening wounds. “The shooting is thought to have occurred in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood, on SE Foster Road near 62nd Avenue,” according to PPB Public Information Officer Sergeant Kevin Allen

Then, officers were sent to a “Shooting-with Weapon” call later that evening, at 11:13 p.m., to the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood in the stub of the 12100 Block of St. Martins Street. “This was a shooting call; but it was determined to be an accidental, self-inflicted gunfire injury,” explained Sgt. Allen.

September 29
Shootout near Mt. Scott Park

Yet another shooting in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood – this one, a shootout between two vehicles – brings officers to the area.

It’s still unclear why this part of the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood has been the locus for shooting after shooting, once or twice each week, for quite some time.

On September 29 at 7:52 p.m., PPB East Precinct officers responded to another “Shots Fired” call; this near the northeast edge of Mt. Scott City Park, along SE 74th Avenue near Harold Street.

“Witnesses reported seeing vehicles exchanging gunfire,” reported Sgt. Allen. “One of the vehicles was subsequently involved in a traffic crash. It was recovered and processed by investigators.

“Officers located evidence of gunfire and established three separate crime scenes,” Allen stated. This is Case No. 21-272317.

September 30
Man wounded in Hazelwood

After bullets fly in the neighborhood, officers arrive to investigate.

On September 30, 2021, at 2:38 a.m., shots were reported by several callers who were in the area of SE 127th Avenue and East Burnside Street, where officers found multiple bullet casings.

“A short time later, a man suffering from a gunshot wound arrived by private vehicle to an area hospital,” a PPB spokesperson said.

Officers were able to determine that the victim had sustained a serious, but non-life- threatening, wound in this incident. This is Case #21-272566.

Shots Fired log

Here is where officers have been dispatched, during the past week, to investigate ‘Shots Fired’ calls (not necessarily actual shooting incidents):

September 24
21-266435       09/24/2021 at 00:21:46          SE 97TH AVE/SE WOODSTOCK BLVD
21-266450       09/24/2021 at 00:34:28         SE 109TH AVE / SE FRANKLIN ST
21-266528       09/24/2021 at 03:52:27          11500 Block of SE MAIN ST
21-48514         09/24/2021 at 07:24:15           4700 Block of SE 174TH AVE
21-267326       09/24/2021 at 21:17:19            5500 Block of SE 74TH AVE
21-267366       09/24/2021 at 22:08:52          12300 Block of SE LONG ST
21-267356       09/24/2021 at 22:09:48          SE STEELE ST / SE 26TH AVE
21-267372       09/24/2021 at 22:17:49           12100 Block of E BURNSIDE ST
21-267380       09/24/2021 at 22:25:08          13700 Block of SE STARK ST
21-267458       09/24/2021 at 23:51:21           4000 Block of SE 149TH AVE

September 25
21-267517       09/25/2021 at 00:53:19           6000 Block of SE 136TH AVE
21-267520       09/25/2021 at 00:57:06          SE 162ND AVE / SE STARK ST
21-268452       09/26/2021 at 00:30:25          13700 Block of SE CENTER ST
21-268260       09/25/2021 at 21:01:21           3900 Block of SE 147TH AVE
21-268303       09/25/2021 at 21:48:08          16100 Block of NE ROSE PARKWAY CT
21-268360       09/25/2021 at 22:49:18          14700 Block of SE CLINTON ST

September 26
21-268427       09/26/2021 at 00:04:28          14100 Block of SE BUSH ST
21-268429       09/26/2021 at 00:04:59          SE 80TH AVE/SE WOODSTOCK BLVD
21-268464       09/26/2021 at 00:42:19           SE 80TH AVE / SE TIBBETTS ST
21-268534       09/26/2021 at 01:53:50           9200 Block of SE CORA ST
21-40836         09/26/2021 at 04:00:11           16200 Block of NE GLISAN ST
21-40917         09/26/2021 at 18:03:01            17400 Block of SE PINE ST
21-269255       09/26/2021 at 20:38:17           6100 Block of NE 37TH AVE
21-269389       09/26/2021 at 22:14:47           9500 Block of NE WYGANT ST
21-269460       09/26/2021 at 23:50:48          SE 166TH AVE / SE HAIG DR

September 27
21-269527       09/27/2021 at 01:35:56           800 Block of SE 146TH AVE
21-270003       09/27/2021 at 14:30:20          11200 Block of SE BROOKSIDE DR
21-270276       09/27/2021 at 20:51:51           3100 Block of SE 150TH AVE
21-270340       09/27/2021 at 22:09:02          NE FREMONT ST / NE 81ST AVE
21-270365       09/27/2021 at 22:39:13           8300 Block of SE BROOKLYN ST

September 28
21-270498       09/28/2021 at 03:33:08         11200 Block of SE LINCOLN ST
21-271332       09/28/2021 at 20:53:22           NE 94TH AVE / NE GLISAN ST
21-271404       09/28/2021 at 22:32:48          6500 Block of SE 90TH AVE
21-271398       09/28/2021 at 22:41:35           9700 Block of NE SANDY BLVD

September 29
21-271566       09/29/2021 at 03:41:18           SE 60TH AVE / SE STEPHENS ST
21-272158       09/29/2021 at 16:53:31           10500 Block of NE HALSEY ST
21-272203       09/29/2021 at 17:48:02          3300 Block of SE 120TH AVE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These shootings are all being actively investigated by the Enhanced Community Safety Team.

Witnesses or individuals with information are encouraged to email, and to reference the corresponding case number.

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